Greensboro Dance Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

Growing up in a town without any dance classes, I still dreamed of becoming a ballerina, despite the fact that I can barely walk in a straight line, routinely open cabinets into my face, and am about as graceful as Big Bird after a few martinis. I was absolutely convinced that I’d marry Mikhail Baryshnikov
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Valerie Nieman Interview With Valerie Nieman

Writer Valerie Nieman will be teaching a fiction workshop at UNCG on April 18th as part of the North Carolina Writer’s Network’s Spring conference. With a new collection of poetry out (Hotel Worthy), we thought it was the perfect time to speak to her. 1. Can you tell us a little about yourself both in
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c2 On Pop Of The World

“Do I look like a goddamned ninja?” Eric Moss had inquired whether or not I wanted to join him, and everybody else, on the roof and I responded accordingly. He was scaling the wall like some parkour master as he was asking this. I have the coordination and balance of a drunken polar bear when
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In Saturns Rings From Saturn with View

The Greensboro film project, “In Saturn’s Rings” by Stephen van Vuuren, has a trajectory for cyberspace and it is about to be kick started into orbit. The funding campaign begins this week and will run for 28 days in order to pay for the recording costs, global music rights and mastering fees totaling $37,000. If
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Viola_dAmoreLibraryOfCongress Metacontext MFA concert

By John Sanford Friedrich As counterintuitive as it sounds, on certain occasions it makes solid fashion sense to clash. The Dance Department offered two MFA theses which were as different as night and day but combined to make an emotionally satisfying evening. Raina Cephas led off the evening on a comparatively traditional note. movement I
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The Baker And The Bean The Baker And The Bean: Pure Awesomeness

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a serious cake fanatic. I could work an entire vacation around cake pit stops, and I’ll happily forego proper food in place of cake. Imagine the happiness that I felt upon learning that the lady who made the cake for a friend’s wedding, the cake that I
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Fall Dances 2014

By John Sanford Friedrich The decision to merge the departments of music, theatre and dance into a single school was not without controversy. This year’s Fall Dances, however, shows that collaborative fruit has been borne under the new arrangement. “The Globe and Cosmos: Celebrating 450 years of Shakespeare and Galileo” has been an overarching theme
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Magic Scienceland

elsewheres 1 Elsewheres

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This is cheating because it was taken in Charlotte, but here's proof I'm happy at 17. Photo by Adam Lazzara. Staying Behind, or, Why I’m Choosing to Remain in Greensboro.

I have changed a lot in the past three years. When I was fifteen, I looked at anyone who stayed in their hometown for college as lazy, or thought they would never go anywhere. I told myself I would be a failure to stay in Greensboro for college. I had dreams of going to art
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How Do You Look Back?

The mind can create nightmares of horror if you let it. The past as a vulture circling above you reminding you of your eventual suffering. Memories clasp onto your past while talons drag remnants along the roadside. The scavenger always picks at but never carries away the remains.   The mind can also paint masterworks
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