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Welcome to Avant Greensboro, an online news and arts magazine and collective focused solely on the vibrant pulse of our sweet city in the heart of North Carolina. Avant Greensboro aims to give a mosaic narrative by writers, community leaders, and regular folks alike, in hopes of making Greensboro a more connected, cultural place to live.

Rae Alton

Rae Cornwell | Editor

Rae is a Greensboro native with unapologetic affection for this town and all things NC. She and her husband are avid foragers, fishers, and hikers. They live in Fisher Park with their daughter and three fur babies.

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Keith Warther
Keith Warther | Graphic Designer, Webmaster, and Contributor

Keith Warther is originally from South Carolina and has lived in Greensboro since 2009. He is a freelance graphic designer, a social media aficionado and currently works as an SEO. Most importantly, he loves food and trying new restaurants in the Triad. On Sundays you can find him worshiping at The Church of Brunch.

In Keith’s free time he enjoys listening to music, collecting vinyl, drawing and doing various art projects. One of his favorite side projects is a music blog, merit/demerit, which Keith and 3 others contribute their music mixes.

He and his wife, Sally, live together in a tiny apartment with their cat, Mr. Susan (yes, the name is from The Mighty Boosh).

Charlie Wood

Charlie Wood | Contributor

Little is known about Charles’s early life. Some say he grew up in the barren tundra of Antarctica and was raised by a group of polar bears. Others claim he was the result of a failed genetic experiment by the U.S. government and was left for dead in a back alley of Detroit. Still others believe he swam all the way to Florida from the mythic lost city of Atlantis. What is known is that he appeared in Greensboro around 2002 to pursue a degree in English. Since then he has worked various odd jobs, including an embarrassing stint as stock boy at Hollister as well as an intern writing for Go Triad, sporadically enrolled in classes, and fought back an alien invasion intent on taking over Greensboro in the summer of 2008. Charles’s proudest moment, however, was when he challenged Abraham Lincoln to an arm wrestling contest and won. When not currently working on this blog and writing about topics ranging from strip clubs and karaoke to film making and painting Charles spends his time drinking at dive bars, bumming cigarettes from friends, and fighting Somalian pirates on the high seas.

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Julie is actually not at all rich as shit but she IS thick as it

Julie Joyce | Owner of Avant Greensboro and Link Fish Media, Person Who Rains On Parades

After providing the inspiration for the character of Sondra on the hit American tv show “227”, Julie Joyce was catapulted into the Hollywood scene, where she met her first husband, actor Brian Dennehy. Shortly thereafter, she left her husband Brian for a rural life back in the South where she worked 2 years as an expert scientist and discovered the cure for ebola. She then accepted a job with the World Health Organization and, after being parachuted into Algeria to investigate a new outbreak of pig tuberculosis, joined a rebel guerrilla group responsible for the assassination of several famous world leaders. She was a POW for 2 weeks and is still recovering from being forced to eat a first edition of Albert Camus’ The Plague. She currently spends most of her time volunteering with the library where she conducts a special “adults only” erotic reading circle, using taxpayers money. She enjoys early 80s punk rock, chocolate doughnuts, searching for the ever-elusive Tasmanian devil in Tanzania, mistakenly, and making cupcakes for the homeless.

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Avalon Kenny

Avalon Kenny | Co-host of Avant on Air & Blog Contributor

Hey. I’m Avalon and I’m terrible at autobiographies. I’m from Greensboro, born and raised. I tend to stray somewhere between elusive and ever-present, but chances are you can find me at a local coffee shop writing or reading. I like to create things like art and music, and see other people create things like art and music. There are few things I find more pleasant than singing along to my favorite local band. I’m a DJ at WUAG, and I always love getting involved with the community.

Dwight Mabe bass

Dwight Mabe | Contributor

Dwight Mabe is a local guy who lives, breathes and eats bass guitar and music (not a recommended weight-loss method as the photo shows). In his spare time, he teaches bass, compiles a forthcoming method book and spends a lot time on the phone with or traveling to NY to visit with the mystery woman. All will be revealed in good time.

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Jess LoerJess Loer | Contributor & Radio Booker
I’m a native and a graduate of UNCG and am happy to call Greensboro my home. I am interested in diversity, local events, community resources and new ideas. I am a diet soda connoisseur and love the color green.

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Matty SheetsMatty Sheets | Contributor

Matty Sheets is a musician and a songwriter from Connecticut and New York, and has resided in Greensboro for almost two decades.  He currently fronts the band The Blockheads,  plays in the two piece band called The Slowdrivers, and plays guitar in Come Hell or High Water.  An active supporter of Greensboro and it’s local music, you can find him hosting the Open Mic at the Flatiron every Tuesday night.

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Tina WilkinsTina Wilkins | Contributor

Tina Wilkins is a Greensboro native and is a visibility expert and novice art critic. She is also secretary and manager for her husband, film scholar and critic Budd Wilkins. Between that and her day job (tobacco pays her bills) you’ll find Tina gem mining, photographing old cemeteries, attempting to draw or paint, watching movies with Budd, and helping to promote the people, things and causes she holds dear. Tina enjoys downtempo and trip-hop, The Soup, e-cigarettes and collecting vintage men’s magazines that are OOP.

Tina’s professional blog is

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Budd WilkinsBudd Wilkins | Contributor

Budd Wilkins is an independent film scholar and Staff Critic for Slant Magazine. He holds a bachelor’s in religious studies and a master’s in liberal studies/film from UNC-G. His film analysis and criticism has been published in Acidemic Film and Media Journal, an upcoming anthology on international horror directors, and here on Avant Greensboro. Budd covered the 2012 Cannes Film Festival and the 2012 Full Frame Documentary Festival. In his spare time, Budd watches movies, thinks, writes, watches movies, thinks, writes, watches movies, thinks, writes, rinse, lather, repeat.

His blog is

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Cynamon and Roxie

Cynamon Frierson | Contributor

Many people refer to me as Cyn and I’m currentaly a full-time MBA student at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro (UNCG) trying to juggle work, volunteering, and life with the cutest dog ever, Roxie. Of course everybody thinks their dog is cute but seriously…mine is the CUTEST! It’s important to spend time with my dog but it can be difficult when life is so busy. In this blog, I hope to talk about different ways I spend time with Roxie such as some of the pet friendly places we like to visit as well as advice on all things doggy-related including training and other interesting facts. This will definitely be a journey for me but I know it will be a great one that I hope you enjoy!

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Sarah Parker
Sarah Parker | Contributor
Originally from upstate New York, Sarah has been living in Greensboro for the past ten years after moving here to attend Guilford College. She had the awesome experience of attending high school in the UK, where she developed strong interests in travel, current events and politics. She loves living in the College Hill neighborhood, where it’s easy to find a friendly face sitting in the booth at one of the local bars or sipping coffee outside of Tate St. Coffee. Currently residing in a fairly small apartment with her dog and two cats, she looks forward to the day when she can move into a larger place.

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Paul Lynch

Paul Lynch | Contributor

Paul went to school at UNC Greensboro and has a degree in English and
Psychology. He spent time in London, Spain and the Netherlands where
he would like to return one day. He’s working on his Spanish and plays
guitar (when he can afford to have one).

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