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Metacontext MFA concert

Mar 27th, 2015 | By

ShareTweetBy John Sanford Friedrich As counterintuitive as it sounds, on certain occasions it makes solid fashion sense to clash. The Dance Department offered two MFA theses which were as different as night and day but combined to make an emotionally satisfying evening. Raina Cephas led off the evening on a comparatively traditional note. movement I
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Fall Dances 2014

Dec 4th, 2014 | By

ShareTweetBy John Sanford Friedrich The decision to merge the departments of music, theatre and dance into a single school was not without controversy. This year’s Fall Dances, however, shows that collaborative fruit has been borne under the new arrangement. “The Globe and Cosmos: Celebrating 450 years of Shakespeare and Galileo” has been an overarching theme
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Prime Movers 2014

Nov 17th, 2014 | By

ShareTweetBy John Sanford Friedrich Nobody pursues modern dance as a way to get rich or even famous outside the arts community. Thus it comes as little surprise that the students of UNCG’s Department of Dance organize their own organization to present dances outside of the classroom. The club ‘Prime Movers’ offered 14 different performances beginning
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Othello across the Pacific — “Theatre Gigante”

Oct 20th, 2014 | By

ShareTweetBy John Sanford Friedrich A certain surrealism makes it possible to be both sparse and dense in the same moment. “My Dear Othello” debuted at UNCG’s dance theater last weekend, an ambitious production by Milwaukie-based Theatre Gigante. Co-created by Slovenian-trained Isabelle Kralj and Mark Anderson, this rather unclassifiable work of “dance-theatre” took on two of
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The Bassoons of Chernobyl

Mar 13th, 2014 | By

ShareTweet  As a rule, the bassoon seldom gets love.  This largest of woodwinds is often relegated to the vague middle ground of a full orchestra, but any note of obscurity failed to deter Tom Dempster in his Alumni Concert at UNCG on Feb. 27.  “This is the last piece I composed as a student here,”
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Circles of Life Wrap Up Fringe Festival

Feb 5th, 2013 | By
Fringe Dance

ShareTweetWhile no means oppressed, heterosexual men are a minority in the world of Modern Dance.  A collaborative work between the recently married team of dancer Amanda Diorio and stage actor Michael Drains melded dance and the spoken word, from a man’s perspective.  “As I breathe I cannot seem to let it go,” began Drains as
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Fringe Dance Warms the Greensboro Arts Scene

Feb 4th, 2013 | By
Fringe dance

ShareTweetThe Triad is not quite the Triangle, but with every passing year our arts scene makes its presence felt more deeply.  Eleven years have come and gone since the first Greensboro Fringe Festival started, a broad showcase for performance art stretching across two weeks and often multiple venues.  Based on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival of
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Greensboro Girl Unveils New Dance Company

Jun 4th, 2012 | By
Terranova Dance Theatre

ShareTweet“This is like – what do they call it in sports? Yeah, our first ‘home game!’” Jen Guy Metcalf is a graduate of the UNCG Dance Department, and currently the founder and director of the Terranova Dance Theatre. At the City Arts Center in downtown Greensboro, our chickens finally came to roost last week after
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The Lost Art of Removing Clothes

May 31st, 2012 | By
Miss Porcelain

ShareTweetMy burlesque virginity was lost at Club Orion. Chances are you are still innocent when it comes to this darkly illuminated little art, that of “The Burlesque.” Originally a genre of British variety show, in the dance halls of an age before television and suburbs American burlesque steadily moved away from novelties and into an
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Modern Robot Stirs the Ghost of Chaplin

Apr 3rd, 2012 | By
Modern Times Movie Poster

ShareTweet  “Cured of a nervous breakdown, he now finds himself on the street and without a job,” menaces the blocky intertitle from eighty years ago as the synthesizer moodily sings below the screen. Following the sweep of the Oscars by the silent film “The Artist,” a bubbling of independent groups have offered reimagined presentations of
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