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The Passion of Joan of Arc

Mar 10th, 2012 | By
Silent Film Joan of Arc poster

ShareTweet Lacking sound might be the new vinyl. As “The Artist” swept the Oscars, Greensboro can claim to be one of the early communities to jump on the bandwagon of a resurgence of silent film, though in actuality Aycock Theater on Tate Street was anything but silent. A unique mash up of choral and orchestral
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Fringe Festival Dance Review 2012

Feb 21st, 2012 | By
Kearns at Greensboro Fringe Festival

ShareTweetThe Greensboro Fringe Festival, now in its tenth year, has once again opened the door for a variety of new and upcoming works of art. While the burlesque shows and theatre performances might capture the attention of most, the Fringe also let loose some of the pent-up energy in Greensboro’s dance community. The range offered
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