The Baker And The Bean: Pure Awesomeness

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Anyone who knows me knows that I am a serious cake fanatic. I could work an entire vacation around cake pit stops, and I’ll happily forego proper food in place of cake. Imagine the happiness that I felt upon learning that the lady who made the cake for a friend’s wedding, the cake that I snuck back to get more of (and yes I realize that was obnoxious), now has a coffee and cake food truck. As my daughter would say, I was like a gnome vomiting rainbows.

The Baker And The Bean

Ellen Murray is this culinary goddess and today, which was Pi Day, was the day when she drove her truck to our office and surprised us with 2 giant cakes. I’d set up a sampling for my employees but had no clue that we’d be looking at eating our way through what amounted to about 20 pounds of cake. Ellen also brought us ice cream to make sure that we didn’t complain.

So first up, the Hummingbird cake! If you aren’t a native Southerner you may never have heard of this cake. In fact, the lady who first submitted the recipe for this cake was Mrs. L. H. Wiggins, from Greensboro so for those of you who love your local trivia, there you go. Ellen’s Hummingbird cake tastes like the best banana muffin that you’ve ever had, multiplied by about one thousand. I currently have an arm cramp from holding this cake while we sampled her ice cream (Homeland Creamery) and checked out the truck, so I figure it’s a win-win since I got some cake AND got in a workout. The icing that she makes is truly perfect, and the cakes are iced with just the right amount so you still have mostly cake, not just giant cloud of oily, yet pretty, frosting.

Hummingbird cake

The second best part of this cake (the first being the fact that it tastes unbelievable) is that it looks like the cake you want to just dive into. It’s pretty, don’t get me wrong, but it’s pretty in the same way that a shabby chic porch chair is pretty. It’s inviting. It’s the kind of thing that I’d make a fool of myself over if no one was around because I’d most likely just plant my face into the whole thing.

Next up, we had the Carrot cake. I was never a fan of this kind of cake growing up as I was convinced that it would taste like raw carrots, but when I finally tried it I realized why everyone liked it so much. It’s like cake for people who don’t otherwise like cake, and Ellen’s was the best I’ve ever had. Like the Hummingbird, it’s a pretty cake, very rustic, with the perfect amount of icing.

carrot cake

Ellen usually has coffee (from Fortuna) but we already had some so we stuck to cake and ice cream, but she did have a mean espresso machine so I look forward to a vanilla latte soon. The truck itself is very cool, like any food truck, but the whole concept of being served something sweet out of a food truck is very summery and beachy, the kind of thing that makes kids squeal with delight and adults pretend that they aren’t trying to refrain from squealing with delight.

Ellen Murray

All told, Ellen has around 30 different kinds of cake that she makes. She can make a vegan chocolate cake and 2 of the cakes could be made gluten-free (the two that we tried.) If you can’t find her and you’re dying for cake, you can currently buy her cakes at the Iron Hen I’d recommend checking her Facebook page for updates on where she’ll be or for getting in touch, as I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. None of us could do much more than grunt, snort, and scarf down every bite we could hold.

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2 Comments to “The Baker And The Bean: Pure Awesomeness”

  1. Amy G says:

    Julie! I CANNOT believe you had seconds of cake at our wedding. Unbelievable. Actually, quite believable. Ellen’s cake is that good. We have the very last slice in our freezer– I cannot wait for our first anniversary. Yum, yum, yum!!!

  2. Julie Joyce says:

    If I hadn’t been so full of Mexican food I’d have gone back for thirds.

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