Los Charritos #2

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by Jack Bonney

Mexican Tortas in Greensboro
Greensboro hosts a number of above average Mexican restaurants, but to me if you really want to talk “authentic” you have to check out some of the amazing Taqueria’s we have in the city. While I haven’t been to all of them my stomach is happy to say it has been to Los Charritos #2. Los Charritos #2 (#1 is located in Yanceyville) is located within La Vaca Ramona on W. Market Street. La Vaca Ramona does serve as a large neighborhood grocery store complete with a full servicing butcher shop and other worldly food treats, but it’s Los Charritos #2 on the side that delivers!

While I do thoroughly enjoy other Taqueria’s like the Mercardito on Pisgah & W. Market and El Camino Real on Spring Garden Street, they tend to be crowded. Of the five times I’ve dined at Los Charritos it has never been crowded so you’re not only treated to amazing food, but also you have some breathing room to enjoy the delicious consumption of authentic Mexican food. The layout of the restaurant is simple and inviting with picnic bench style seating, which definitely adds to authenticity of eating a restaurant within a market.

On the weekend the Taqueria offers specialties like Cocktel de Camarones (shrimp cocktail) and other soup like offerings such as the infamous hangover cure Menudo. On my last visit I indulged in the succulent Cocktel de Camarones. The cocktail sauce was loaded with onions, cilantro, and healthy sized shrimp. The sauce is not too spicy and in general has a smooth aftertaste.

While the Cocktel de Camarones is exceptional, it is their Cubana Torta that conjures up old school 90’s phrases like “Off the Chain,” “The Bomb,” and the always nostalgic “Phat.” The Cubana Torta is all of those and then some. This monstrous sandwich is stuffed with ham, chorizo (Mexican sausage), pastor (Mexican pork), chicken, queso fresco, avacodo, jalapenos, onions, and lettuce & tomato. All off it beautifully blends together for mouthwatering taste & enjoyment. The sandwich is so large that it easily makes for two meals. I’ve had it four times now and each time I’ve had plenty of leftovers. I would dare say it might be one of the “best sandwiches” in Greensboro regardless of it being an authentic Mexican sandwich. This sandwich is worth legendary status of being on “Diners, Drives Ins, and Dives.” I can see Guy Fieri grunting and groaning to the sensation that is the Cubana Torta of Los Charritos #2.

In speaking with the owner of Los Charritos #2 I did discover that they are planning on moving somewhere close by within the next two months. So get over to the W. Market Street location now to experience authenticity without heading south of the border.


Los Charritos #2

4516 W. Market Street

Phone: (336) 855-1747

Hours: 11 am – 8 pm, Monday – Sunday

Pricing: $1.00 – $9.95

Vegetarian friendly: Yes

Family Friendly: Yes

Service: Very personal/Friendly

Take Out/Dine In: Both

Ambiance: 7/10

Overall Rating: 9/10


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