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If you’re at all familiar with the historic college district of UNC Greensboro, chances are you’re also familiar with New York Pizza (or ‘N.Y.P.’) and its bubbly, crunchy-crusted pizza pies. It’s a Greensboro institution, for better or for worse.

In my opinion, it is for the better. Every town, regardless of its student population, deserves to have an all-night authentic pizza joint whose owner’s accent is as thick as its oozy mozzarella cheese. The owner, Eddie Gramisci, greets Richard Krol and me at the front of his new Battleground pizzeria location,  which is so full of families and their pizza-fed, adorable little ones that there was nowhere to park in the ample lot. A single table near the patio was open, luckily, and Eddie bids us welcome to sit down.

“Can I ask you a couple of questions?” I ask Eddie when he visits us at our seats.

“You can ask,” he offers, “but it doesn’t mean I’m going to answer!”

He chuckles at his joke and looks in our eyes. I’m pretty sure he’s joking, anyway.

“Why should families order New York Pizza, instead of the familiar corporate pizzas, which are less expensive than your own?” I inquire trepidatiously.

“You just said it,” Eddie gasps, “we are not a chain!”

I instantly feel at ease as Eddie describes how each pie is made with hand-stretched dough, freshly shredded cheese, and toppings such as mushrooms and peppers sauteed in-house. There is no production line in the warm kitchen, full of aproned, determined chefs. The night we visit, they have their hands full, and they’re handling it with aplomb.

The ambiance leaves something to be desired. Wooden plaques resembling Corona bottles and neon drink signs don’t exactly scream “family friendly” but the crowd doesn’t seem to mind a tad. For a pizzeria, however, the bright black and white tile floor is a relief from the lighting of the Tate location, which is dim and thrown by the rotating ceiling fans.

If you’re thinking this is just going to be another hipster watering hole, carbon copied from its mothership on Tate Street, you couldn’t be more wrong. The NYP on Tate is not only a pizzeria and bar, it’s also a venue for live music and art exhibits. The NYP on Battleground will focus on being a pizzeria and bar alone, but with more amplified efforts, it seems.

Have you enjoyed drunken slices of pizza in the wee early morning hours at the NYP on Tate and, perhaps, marveled at the delicious tartness of the pepperoni? If so, you won’t be disappointed by the upgrades here.

The bar boasts 24 different beers on tap and 13 wines, far superior to Tate’s selections. Also noteworthy is the expanded menu. The addition to the menu are unexpected and pleasing: I ordered the Sundried Tomato pizza, a specialty pizza, which is topped with sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and garlic. For the record, I find it more than a bit weird that garlic is a topping choice for pizza. Isn’t that kind of like a condiment, akin to parmesan and red pepper flakes, in this industry?

The expanded salad menu includes Cesar Chicken Salad, which is spangled with exceedingly fresh rosemary, a welcome touch to a brilliant Atkins-friendly entree.

Order a glass of wine, get a specialty pie, and sit back to watch the game. Come springtime, soak up some sun on the patio, which is sure to be a very popular spot. Say hello to Eddie if you’re there – he’s been doing this for a long time, and is sure to be in the business for a lot longer.


New York Pizza – Battleground

2704  Battleground Ave, Greensboro | Map

Phone: (336) 286-7667

Hours: 11am – 2am daily

Pricing: $11.50 for basic cheese pizza (Medium) to $25.00 for large specialty pies.

Vegetarian friendly: Yes

Family Friendly: Yes

Service: Excellent

Take Out/Dine In/Delivery: Yes, yes and yes.

Ambiance: 5/10

Overall Rating: 8/10

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17 Comments to “New York Pizza on Battleground”

  1. Tater says:

    Their prices are outrageous. It's good pizza, but not worth an extra five to six dollars more than an equally good pizza from Villa Italian or Mario's. That parking lot will be empty soon once the novelty of getting robbed for the sake of tradition wears off.

    And, it's "The owner, Eddie Gramisci, greets Richard Krol and ME at the front of his new Battleground pizzeria location."

  2. Matty Sheets says:

    ^ HAHAHAHAHA. wow.

    • Katei says:


      You know, Tater–I was actually agreeing with you. I've specked the menu, and it's honestly ridiculous that the pesto base is $4 more… comparable pizzerias, (corner slice, villa, mellow mushroom, etc…) offer pesto as a sauce replacement for no charge. A different sauce and tomatoes don't denote such a steep cost increase, so I can only hope that they realize this and readjust accordingly.

      That IS the wonderful thing about blogs and social media is the ability to engage customer opinion and interaction.

      That being said, being a grammar-nazi on comment boards typically undermines most points. So hats off.

  3. Angelo says:


    I think this is the closest place to NY pizza in Greensboro though, the other pizzerias here are not even close in quality. Price is good for the most part

    • Katei says:

      New York Pizza is delish. But to be fair, there are other non-NY-style pizzerias in Greensboro that are of excellent quality.

      Gotta give it up to fellow avant-feature, Corner Slice… mmm. and Mama Ginna's in Summerfield… drool. Sticks and stones earthiness… yum. …and the many more I'm forgetting.

      Man, Greensboro, way to go for having great pizza!

    • Matty Sheets says:

      Pizzeria L'Italiano on Elm St. is far closer to the best pizza, and Mario's is closer to that big-slice-new-york pizza. Even Elizabeth's (Summit Ave) has better pizza in my opinion.

  4. Gboro has a lot of sic pizza spots! of course I love NYP for reminding me of New York style pizza though! also a great spot to hang out (

  5. Matt says:

    terrible delivery service. I ordered a pizza at 2 05 sunday afternoon, I called at 4 pm to cancel the order because they have yet to show up. If YOU are going to deliver, make a delivery radius, and if you cant be at someones house for 2 hours, let them know when they fu#cking call the FIRST time.

  6. Matt says:

    Too add……Called Elizabeth's pizza at 355, 5 min before i cancelled NY, and was enjoying pizza at 415. God what a farce.

  7. joe says:

    Elizabeth's is by far the worst pizza in greensboro, on the same level as papa johns or pizza hut sorry

  8. Jane Doe says:

    This restraunt does not deliver either……so upset right now!

    • Rae Alton says:

      Not true: NYP on Battleground does deliver. 😀

      It looks like your IP is in Summerfield, though, and that's probably outside of their service area. There are probably VERY few delivery options in Summerfield, right? I'd be upset, too, but I wouldn't blame restaurants in the next town over for that.

  9. John Doe says:

    Great food. TERRIBLE SERVICE. The staff is a bunch of 20-somethings more interested in flirting with each other, incessantly banging their cigarettes and texting, than the customers. We had to go to the bar twice for water and our food that was sitting under the warmer for 20 minutes. Rock music blaring so loud the waitress could not hear us. And this was at 2 in the afternoon!

  10. Jack says:

    We didn't care for NYP on Battleground. Over priced and just not that good. Many other pizza places in GSO that are much closer to what you get in NY.

  11. PD says:

    Rae, you are a babe.

    And NYP is delish. Nice review.

  12. Ed says:

    Service has gone downhill.
    We recently had an order for delivery and several items were not delivered and I am still waiting for my credit. This is not the first time this has happened

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