Snack Bar: It’s edible.

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The fried pickles appetizer at Snack Bar

The fried pickles appetizer

One of the most disappointing first-tastes I’ve experienced among my Downtown foodie adventures has been at Snack Bar. Perhaps it was the combination of the Pacman ‘C’ in its outdoor signage and its late hours that gave me high hopes for a quirky, midnight-oil dining experience. I’m sorry to say that its thoroughly pedestrian fare does not bode well for the prices, which I can only assume is to make up for the investment the owners made in designing the ladies’ bathroom.

Sidenote: The ladies’ bathroom is something you must see to believe. It looks like a baby’s nursery designed by parents who aspire to send their daughter to dance on a pole someday. I’m perplexed by the beribboned statuettes, the quasi-offensive “girlie” word plaques, and the quantity of chairs available in a single-commode facility (perhaps that’s the side of me that doesn’t understand why women ever go to the bathroom together.) I have it on good authority that the mens bathroom is equivalently machismo. 

To be honest, I’m still not sure I understand exactly what crowd Snack Bar aims to please. The late night clubbers? No, the lights are brighter than a Winn-Dixie’s. The college crowd that wants to catch the game on one of its many widescreen televisions? No, these absolutely, unconditionally are not student prices. Hipsters? Ha! The canned $3 PBR ‘special’ is double the price you’d pay at McGee Mart, kitty-corner to it. The other patrons in the restaurant at the time seemed like lonely, downtrodden frat boys (lost their paddles?) so there you have it.

chicken salad croissant at Snack Bar

The chicken salad croissant with fries.

The food is edible, which is the about the only good thing I can say about it. I’m a push-over for fried pickles, so naturally I selected that as my appetizer. My toddler ate it, which in and of itself is a HUGE compliment (mine cries at the smell of Indian food.) The app is served with two sauces – ranch and a spicy remoulade. To summarize, the pickles were satisfactory – they weren’t gross and yet not worth boasting about. If this course were a high school student, it would be a candidate for David Letterman’s Average Student Scholarship. Yay?

For my entree, I ordered the chunky chicken salad croissant. Luckily, there are no grapes nor pineapple nor any other kind of fruit present in the chicken salad and, as a purist, I have to give them props there. The sandwich comes topped with lettuce and a slice of tomato, with one side; I opted for the crimped potato fries. Neither the sandwich nor the fries were remarkable, so don’t let the fancy plastic basket it’s served in lead you to believe otherwise.

The service was decent, though – no complaints there. And I mean it when I say I cannot complain about a single aspect of this restaurant, but I can’t compliment it just the same.


Snack Bar

356 S. Elm Street, Greensboro | Map

Phone: (336) 279-1166

Hours: Mon – Thurs 7am – 2am; Fri & Sat Open 24 hours; Closed on Sunday

Pricing: $6.00 – $7.95 for entrees.

Vegetarian friendly: Omelets or salads could conceivably be made veggie-friendly; not otherwise.

Family Friendly: Yes

Service: Good

Take Out/Dine In: Both

Ambiance: None to speak of.

Overall Rating: 4/10



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5 Comments to “Snack Bar: It’s edible.”

  1. Keith Warther says:

    Best Eatsboro yet!

  2. Julie Joyce says:

    Agree with Keith…best review so far! I shall not be trying it, as I have enough average places to go already.

    Best line: Ambiance: None to speak of.


  3. MartiniVision says:

    That place blows. When I was dragged there, the service was awful too.

    Good write-up though.

  4. Mike says:

    Gotta agree with this review…I live a block from Snack Bar and was super excited when it opened…That quickly faded…We tried ordering a variety of dishes to try to decipher what may be their signature tastes…None were found…

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