Record Store Day Train Rolls into CFBG!

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CFBG is proud to bring Record Store Day to their digs at 930 S. Chapman St., exclusive records, live djs, and several bands will rock the block at Chapman and Spring Garden on Saturday from 11am until 9pm.

Record Store Day at CFB Flyer

Record Store Day at CFBG!!!

The record shop will add hundreds of exclusive Record Store Day releases to their 8,000+ LPs inventory in honor of the 5th annual Record Store Day celebration. CFBG, which doubles as an artspace and venue, will incorporate the live end of the music spectrum with live DJs spinning all day while Switchblade 85, The Bronzed Chorus, and Pistol Crash (a new endeavor from Adam Thorn) will rock out into the night.

“Record Store Day was created in 2007 as a response to the negative publicity that the record store business was getting. Lots of “experts” were saying that Record Stores were a thing of the past, but this day long event was created as a way to show that Record Stores are still alive and strong,” says Jack Bonney, vinyl curator and beloved former GM for WUAG 103.1.

“Now five years later this event has become international and has become a major day for independent record stores to host big events and stock their store with exclusive Record Store Day only releases,” Bonney adds. These exclusive releases sweeten the pot and wet the appetite for music lovers and collector nerds alike.

Choosing from primo-list of exclusive selections posed an interesting challenge for Bonney and his crew. “This is the first time we’ve ever done [Record Store Day], and while I’m sure we’ll make some mistakes, this should help prevent a few more,” Bonney says of the pre-order service which CFBG ran until the end of March. “Not all record stores do this sort of thing, but we wanted to be as accommodating as possible.” As for labels, attendees can look forward to releases by Merge Records, Thrill Jockey Records, Sub Pop, and much more.

Jack Bonney spinning records by katei

Jack Bonney spinning records at WUAG DJ party in ’09 (Casey Cranford of Brand New Life in the background) by  kateichan

Those who didn’t pre-order don’t have much to sweat. Although this is the first official Record Store Day rodeo for CFBG, Bonney has been in the game of record selection for more than decade, he created the highly anticipated semi-annual WUAG 103.1FM CD & Record Fair which he cultivated for nearly 10 years until budget cuts reverted the GM position back to student status.

In that regard, Bonney was well ahead of the Record Store Day train, but he’s excited to help it roll through CFBG. And he knows that it’s more than about the records themselves, but rather the music which makes them spin, and the culture that keeps them pressing.

The live music component is central to CFBG and the backbone of artists. The Record Store Day celebration wouldn’t be complete without DJs on decks from the start, Prez, DJ Bonzani, Mod Wolf, B. Daniel, and the almighty Danville Steve will be laying it down throughout the day while bands hit stage toward the evening.

As the sun sets, Switchblade 85 will drop 1000 cc’s of hard ass off the outdoor (weather permitting) stage, followed by the Bronzed Chorus and rounded out with Pistol Crash.

Switchblade 85 at CFBG by katei

Stabwound of Switchblade 85 at CFBG by kateichan

Switchblade 85 self-describes themselves as the “sexiest nightmare;” which is fairly accurate. As their bio notes, “formed in 2007 in the infamous Showdown at Hell’s Pass, Switchblade 85 has pioneered the genre of experimental surf rock since their inception. Led by charismatic renegade Johnny Stabwound (drums/vocals), criminal laureates Greased Lightning (Guitar) and Prince Raul (Bass) supplement the unstoppable combination of unparalleled sexiness and monolithic rock prowess.”

The Switchblade 85 sound rings of “bullfights gone awry, bayou heists, nuclear meltdowns, shark-surfing, car chases, alien invasions, prison carnage, ocular heroin consumption,” and (jokes aside) genuinely rad surf-rock. Lyrics are few and far between, but their cat-call response of horror quotes and alien invasions will have your toes tapping. Be sure to bring bubblegum and remember to enjoy the ride.

Speaking of further instrumental acts, The Bronzed Chorus will also be on hand to melt a few faces and lay a few grooves for Record Store Day. “Word to anyone with an inkling to verbally characterize the music of the Bronzed Chorus: Whatever labels you’ve devised to convey their sound to an audience isn’t really going to do you any good anymore. And especially don’t call them post-rock,” says Ryan Snyder of Yes Weekly.

bronzed chorus at hopscotch by katei

The Bronzed Chorus at Hopscotch by kateichan

Pistol Crash will round out the band bill as the only non-instrumental. The latest project from Adam Thorn features Mike Wallace and Trevor Reece (members of Thorn’s former band Rough Hands) along with “a swell bearded piano repairman by the name of Lou Delbene,” says AvantBlogger Keith Warther. Who also notes Pistol Crash explores “a bit of a [lyrical] departure from his former incarnation, the one man band Adam Thorn and the Top Buttons, as they seem to be more positive and upbeat. The songs were catchy, with a vintage garage sound like The Velvet Underground, yet also with hints of country/surf twang, and great moments of harmonious instrumental breakdowns.”

Who would have known the center for a better Greensboro would be nestled in a hallway shop on Chapman? Since opening in January, the record co-op portion has been filling the vinyl void here and exhibits the best part of the Greensboro music community while helping breathe new life into the Gate City at the old tune of 78rpm.

Record Store Day celebrates a community in the name of love and records. That love in Greensboro is straight solid rock steady. Be sure show yours this Saturday from 11am until 9pm at CFBG, 930 S. Chapman St.

The bands themselves start at 6pm, but shoppers and turntablists may want to arrive a bit earlier. As Bonney warns, ”there are only so many copies of a lot of these releases, the later you wait the more likely something will become out of stock.”

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