Controlling Energy: A Declamatory Interview with Bootz Durango

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Bootz Durango

Bootz Mother Fucking Durango

Every Wednesday on our ride to work, Keith Warther (who is kind enough to take me to work) and I listen to Bootz Durango’s radio show on WUAG. I found this DJ so unique and interesting that I decided to look him up on the interwebs. What I found was a plethora of highly entertaining videos he’s posted. Some of these were music videos (with surprisingly good production quality) while others were him talking to the camera, interviewing people, etc. I was so enthralled by this character that I knew I had to interview him for our humble blog. After emailing him as well contacting him on Twitter (Bootz, by the way, does prefer the pronouns “he” or “boy/girl”; he does not identify himself as a “she” or even as a drag queen) I was finally able set up a meeting with the one, the only, the lovely, Bootz Mother Fucking Durango. This is the interview that followed.

In your song Nigga Bitch you have a line that goes something to the effect of, “I glue my lash on, ’cause I don’t look like this waking up, that’s what a mother fucking fa**ot do”. I interpreted it as a statement about gender roles and the artificiality and performance of said roles. Another line with a similar sentiment is from you song Misdemeanor which goes, “I’m a gay rapper who dresses like GaGa.” What does these lines mean to you?

Freedom of expression is what I represent. What I do is, I use my homosexuality as a beacon to advertise that mission. Therefore, in the context of my material that’s always in the forefront of my thinking. When I do rhymes like, “I glue my lash on..” I use it to voice freedom of expression. That’s with anything. With things like that and “Gay rapper who dresses like GaGa” it executes my mission.

How do you find the time to balance your radio show, your music, and school?

It’s very time consuming. For me, school comes first. I’ve been at UNCG for three and a half years now. I’m a media studies major. It all can be very exhausting.

I heard Nicki Minaj blocked you on twitter. What was that fiasco about?

My song “’Nigga Bitch’” was a commentary for Nicki. She did a song in which she described herself as a monster. It was inspiration for me to take these slurs, to call myself a “Nigga Bitch” and own it, to take its power for myself. After I did the video I tagged Nicki in and posted it everywhere. I don’t know why I was blocked but I still got what I wanted from Nicki…a reaction.

How long have you lived in Greensboro? How do you like it here?

I’ve lived here since 2008 when I graduated high school. I love Greensboro. It’s the platform I use to get myself out there. Also, the resources, especially in the media department are great. I was never able to use equipment like that until I came to school here. Greensboro is like an incubating process for my music.

You take great advantage of social media like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. What do you think about social media?

Social Media is the mechanism I use for success. It’s able to unite people across the globe. The downside is that it cripples personal relations. It can be impersonal. However, it’s great to utilize to market yourself but if you’re using it for personal relationships it can make you jaded.

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

I would like to be able to control kinetic energy with my hands. I can be a very destructive person sometimes and being able to control energy with my hands would give me the power to do what I want.

Charlie Wood

Reporter Charlie Wood

If you could hang out with any celebrity, alive or dead, who would it be and what would you do?

Missy Elliot (Bootz’s song, Misdemeanor, is a tribute to Missy Elliot). We would make a song together. I am working on working with and possibly doing a song with Missy sometime in the near future.

No shit?! That’s awesome! Speaking of “Misdemeanor”, I loved the elaborate costumes you wore in the video. Did you or somebody else design them?

Every costume in that video was made in the spur of the moment. I dwelled in my bathroom and listened to Missy Elliot and came up with the costumes. All my costumes in all my videos are created by me; I like to have full creative control on every aspect.

What’s a typical day in the life of Bootz like?

I wake up and spend 45 minutes to get prepared for the day. After that I go to class. Then I take care of my entertainment endeavors and then homework. After all that I usually rehearse.

One of my favorite, if not my favorite, videos of you is Name Your Weave. How do you go about naming a weave? What are you going to name your next one?

“Name Your Weave” was the start of me making YouTube videos. After I put it up it went viral in just a couple of months. The responses I got inspired me to put more material out there, it perpetuated me to do more. The videos before that were mostly just fluff but I became much more serious after that. I don’t really name weaves any more but I still get emails from people wanting me to name theirs for them. I look at the weave and give it a name based on the personality of the weave.

Do you have any upcoming events?

On Sunday, March 25, I’m having a live mixtape recording at Green Street called “Angry Art”. I am also currently negotiating with J. Cole to do an interview with him; right now that prospect is looking promising.

If you want to contact, book, or just send love mail you can get a hold of Bootz at:

Twitter: @bootzdurango

Facebook: Bootz World

YouTube: Bootz Durango

Bootz on Tumblr

Bootz on Bandcamp

And you can always catch his radio show on WUAG 103.1 FM on Wedensdays 9-11 am.

All photos by @kateichan

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