Last Minute Halloween Costumes

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McKayla is not impressed by your sub-par Halloween costume.

Alright, y’all. Halloween is coming up on us fast, and whether or not you have plans for a party (Chapman garage, anyone?) or just greeting some trick or treaters, you need to have a costume. Unfortunately, it’s not very economical to pay upwards of $40 for a store-bought costume – and also not as rewarding as a homemade costume. These easy-to-make costumes are a couple of steps up from a Lady Gaga or sexy ladybug costume:

1) McKayla Is Not Impressed

Remember the Fierce Five from this year’s Olympics in London? If you do, chances are the one who stood out the most was sassy-yet-classy McKayla Maroney. Everything about her screamed fierce – her strut, her vault, and, of course, her slight pout when she won silver instead of her (well-deserved) gold for vaulting. This costume is easy. You can either opt to wear her all-gray tracksuit, or be more obvious and wear a leotard. The more shiny lamé, the better. There’s also the silver medal (just loop some ribbon through some foil if you’re lazy), and the infamous pout. When people ask what you are, fold your arms and pout. You are not impressed with their lack of pop culture knowledge. Duh.

Honey Boo Boo and Mama June

2) Mama June and Honey Boo Boo

This is a great costume idea for a group, or even just for one person if you want to just be Honey Boo Boo. If you have more than two people, add extra members of the family – like Pumpkin, or the weird fingered baby (paper mache hands?).  This one isn’t too hard. Go find some flashy, over-the-top 80s dresses from your local thrift store and wear too much makeup. Don’t forget the tiara. Carry around a bottle of Mountain Dew AKA Go-Go Juice (you can always pour your alcoholic beverage of choice inside), and put your best sass forward. Y’all better redneckognize. Tip: wear a sumo wrestler costume as the base for Mama June.

3) Fucked up Jesus Fresco

Remember that chick who messed up the Jesus fresco painting? Be the painting. Put together a stereotypical Jesus costume: robes, crown of thorns, maybe a crucifix necklace or two. Then use your best makeup skills and a lot of liquid latex to create that horrible, nightmare inducing image. White out your face, use lip liner to make your lips look farther apart, create a huge shadow under your chin.

4) Tanning Mom

Here’s a fun DIY project: spray paint a baby doll orange. After you have your prop, put together your own costume. Tanning Mom is almost always seen with a tank top and short shorts, so this part isn’t hard. For your makeup, you need to branch out a little more. Are you going to go all the way, and get a fake tan of your own? Or are you just going to use too much bronzer and some dark lip liner? Regardless, make sure your tan matches your baby doll’s. Don’t forget the bleached out wig.

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5) Pro-Gay Chik-Fil-A Cow

Who says Chik-Fil-A cows can’t be pro-gay? You can either grab a cheap cow costume from a store or add splotches to a white shirt and pants. You can even make your own cow ear headband! Make a cardboard/posterboard sign that has phrases like “Eet More Dik,” “B Mor Fab,” or “God Luvs All.” Experiment with rainbow markers and posterboard. This is a fun idea for a group too – make different signs with your friends and if you want, you can dress your cows up to be super flamboyant.

6) Clint Eastwood and ObamaChair

The Republican National Convention was full of memorable moments, but perhaps the most “WTF” moment was during Clint Eastwood’s speech to an empty chair that he pretended was Obama. This could be a very creative costume idea. Dress in a suit and carry around a chair – or better yet, get a friend to dress up as a chair. Get extra creative and dress up as one of Eastwood’s movie characters. How about Dirty Harry? Or The Man with No Name? The possibilities are endless with Eastwood’s extensive filmography credits.

Have your own last minute costume idea? Post it in the comments!


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    I'd love to see someone dress up as Roy Carroll from the "SHHHHHHHH…. Roy Carroll is sleeping!" sticker. Except with footie pajamas, a blankie, and a sound meter.
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