Black Friday Alternatives Offer Local Color

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Shopping at major chains on Black Friday has a higher incidence of death than marijuana. It’s true. The risk of physical harm to your person aside, shopping locally helps our small businesses and craftsmen. Keep your holiday shopping local, and you kill two gifts with one stone.


Really Really Free MarketThe Really Really Free Market

Glenwood Coffee & Books

1310 Glenwood Ave.

10am – 3pm

Whether you show up empty-handed or with bags of clothing, furniture, handmade items, or services to volunteer, everything is actually free. Really really free. The Really Really Free Market is an extension of Buy Nothing Day. Co-owner of Glenwood Coffee & Books, Mo Kessler, wholeheartedly agrees with the philosophy behind it. “Glenwood Coffee and Books will be closed in solidarity with Buy Nothing Day and in solidarity with all workers being exploited by the capitalistic machine this gift giving season. Keeping money in our community by supporting local throws a jam in this ugly machine. So if you do go out on black friday, buying local is an unique gift to both your loved ones and your community,” says Kessler.



227 S. Elm St.

11am – 8pm

The business now occupying Mary Contrary’s old spot in downtown Greensboro is offering 30% off all items on Black Friday. You can’t really strike out with any of the scarves from Mechelle’s, so if you have a hard time shopping for your Mom, sister, or girlfriend, this is a good place to start.


CFBGBlack Friday SupaSale

CFBG Record & Art Co-Op

930 S. Chapman St.

1pm – 8pm

CFBG is advertising Black Friday discounts such as 4-for$1 records, $2 off most records, and with beer specials to boot. Get out your flannel, comb your beard, and warn your phonograph that something badass this way comes.


civic threadsCivic Threads

527 S Elm St.

Civic Threads will open early at 10:00 and will offer declining discounts throughout the day:

25% off 10:00-noon,

20% off noon-2:00,

15% off 2:00-4:00, and

10% off until closing time.

The discounts do not apply to consigned goods, such as Hand-to-Hand.


GCMCulture of Color – Global Local Gift Market

Greensboro Childrens Museum

220 N Church St.

Saturday 11am – 3pm

Multicultural crafts and arts made locally will be on sale at the Greensboro Childrens Museum during the Global Local Gift Market. This doesn’t technically happen on Black Friday, but it’s close enough and marvelous enough to mention (and you can still experience the rowdiness, noise, and adults acting like children, but in a totally cool and encouraged way, at the GCM.) The GCM has more details on their website.

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3 Comments to “Black Friday Alternatives Offer Local Color”

  1. Keith Warther says:

    I've vowed to purchase most of my Christmas gifts from local and small businesses this year.

  2. matty sheets says:

    Nice one, Rae!

  3. Cecilia Adams says:

    Also…local photographer and artist has work for sale at Leon's on Tate Street and Rioja Wine Bar on Battleground.

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