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We know how killer Greensboro’s music scene is, and we’re not afraid to mouth off about it. As an introduction our team (and the sweet tunes to be found in our city), here is a round-up of our favorite Greensboro native rockstars!

Charlie Wood:

  • Justin Bieber. (Keith says, “He lives in Charlie’s heart.”)
  • Mutant League
  • The Old One Two
Greensboro Garage Rock Band The Old One Two

The Old One Two

Photo Credit: MartiniVision

Katei Cranford: 

  • The Leeves
  • The Nondenoms
  • Matty Sheets & The Blockheads
  • The Old One Two
The Leeves

The Leeves

Photo Source: Katie Neko, Facebook

Keith Warther:

  • Jenny Besetzt – They sound like some of my favorite 80s bands such as New Order, Felt and Joy Division. Lush guitars parts, beautiful synths and driving drums all provide a beautiful harmony.
Greensboro band Jenny Besetzt

Jenny Besetzt

Lilly Nelson: 

  • Holy Ghost Tent Revival
Greensboro band Holy Ghost Tent Revival

Holy Ghost Tent Revival

Photo Credit: Helena Peixoto, Flickr

Matty Sheets:

  • The Leeves
  • Crystal Bright & The Silver Hands
  • The Old One Two
  • Pinche Gringo
  • Bronzed Chorus
  • Eszett
  • Molly McGinn
Greensboro band Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands

Crystal Bright, of Crystal Bright & The Silver Hands

Photo Source: DrKillJoy, Flickr

Rae Alton:

  • The Old One Two
  • Matty Sheets & The Blockheads
  • D.C. Carter
  • The Painted Skulls
Greensboro band Matty Sheets and the Blockheads

Matty Sheets & The Blockheads

Photo Source: Katie Neko, Facebook

Rich Rossi:

  • Stratocruiser –  If you get a chance to see them live, listen for the song “Living in the Future Tents”!


Sarah Parker:

  • The Bronzed Chorus
Greensboro Post-Rock band Bronzed Chorus

Bronzed Chorus

16 Comments to “Avant Music”

  1. Karen Lee says:

    As I have a music show and I LOVE all of the bands and artists I play, I could get in big trouble here by singling out some. But there are some I am unabashed about so…..

    Matty Sheets and the Blockheads

    Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands

    D.C. Carter

    The Brand New Life

    The Old One-Two

    Laila Nur

    J. Timber

    Andrea Thorne

    Salem Speaks

    Stop Motion

    Carla R

    Hanging Thread

    The Grand Ole Uproar


    Ranford Almond

    Adam Thorn

  2. Sally says:

    Casual Curious!

    And Chocolat, when they existed

  3. Boone says:


    not to put too fine a point on it, one of the best punk bands to come out of Greensboro in a long time.

    listen for yrself:

  4. Bill Kenny says:


    I admit I am old and mostly out of the loop. The OtherMothers started as a band in Greensboro circa 1980.

    They played a fun, fast and funny collection of originals and pertinent covers. In 1985, The Raleigh Spectator Magazine voted them the best band in NC. They broke up in 1987 but reformed in 2009. This video is from their first show back. They play out about once a month. They still deliver.

    Bill Kenny

  5. clay says:

    I am flattered to be referenced here. Thank you Rich Rossi.

  6. concerned GSO says:

    I like how all the bands this site features are close friends of writers or bands the writers are in. There is alot more that goes on GSO besides The FlatIron and Chapman house.

    • Keith Warther says:

      You're right concerned GSO, there is still a lot more bands/artist to cover. We are still new, so stick with us and I'm sure we will cover a band you like soon.

      • concerned GSO says:

        I reaaaally love what the site is doing, it just seems a bit…insular. If that makes sense.

        • Katei says:

          Lemme start by saying I'm glad this blog already attracts engaged and interested parties who are involved in our lovely little music scene. You've made really solid connections with the writers, venues, and scene around this town.

          But to get things off on the right foot, I wanna clear up a few possible misconceptions.

          AvantGreensboro is a baby blog (5 weeks old as of this writing.) The overall site itself aims to support the vibrant and connected creative community which is growing in Greensboro.

          This is the first music post…. a getting' to know you list of the bands we love. It's not meant to be objective—which makes blogging more fun than straight journalism—it's meant to be invitational and shed a light on a few favorites who make great music in our city.

          Naturally, the list starts with our nearest and dearest. But this isn't a ploy to promote their interests, it's a foundation to showcase the awesomeness that inspires AvantGreensboro and share that with you.

          I live at Chapman house, so I hope you've had a good time at the shows—I'm flat-out amazed at the events which have transpired in that sweaty little garage.

          Your post hints at a valid issue: prying kids outta scene bubbles to actually support Greensboro music (as a whole) is a problem.

          A problem this blog hopes to help solve.

          Stay tuned and thanks for your concern.

          • concerned GSO says:

            Thanks for the thoughtful reply Katei. Will stay engaged and look forward to seeing the site develop and grow.

  7. clay says:

    I was glad to read about these bands, as stratocruiser never plays either of the venues you have mentioned ( though we would not mind doing so)..

    Look forward to reading more


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