CFBG: DickWölf, The Leeves, & Big Attack

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Photo of Big Attack! by Katei Cranford

If you know me, chances are you’ve heard me say it – The Leeves are my favorite band. They played this weekend, along with Jerrod Smith’s (of The Leeves) other band, DickWölf, and Big Attack, who are originally from Philadelphia but have been adopted by Greensboro. Big Attack! also played as Elvis Costello and the Attractions.

Three awesome bands and a set of Elvis Costello covers? Hell. Yes.

The show was at CFBG, the same place I saw The Leeves for the first time about three and a half years ago. I think I cried that night because of how happy I was that people in Greensboro were actually doing shit. CFBG is a dance studio, art gallery, and event space. It also has recently began hosting a record co-op, with over 8,000 records for sale.

I arrived at the show Friday just as DickWölf was starting. DickWölf is the brainchild of Jerrod Smith on vocals and guitar and Brandon Askew on drums. The pair used to play together in The Walking Dead. DickWölf is a metal/punk band with humorous songs like ‘Taco Party’ (see Black Flag – TV Party) and ‘I Hate Metallica.’ Friday was the first time they’ve played in awhile, and it was great to see them again. They’re definitely a band to check out.

Photo of The Leeves by Katei Cranford

Up next came Big Attack! playing as Elvis Costello and the Attractions. With the addition of Doug Pike (of The Leeves) on keyboard, they did justice to one of my favorite musicians. Russ Golden, the singer, added to the feel by sporting a suit and Buddy Holly-esque glasses. Within their set was ‘(What’s So Funny About) Peace, Love, and Understanding,’ ‘Oliver’s Army,’ and, of course, ‘Alison.’ It was a great set, mostly with songs off of ‘Armed Forces.’ It was a lovely reminder of the Halloween that The Leeves covered Elvis Costello at Chapman Street – the garage of one of our lovely contributers, Katei Cranford. (This past Halloween, Big Attack! played a set of Oi! songs that threw me into the crowd of dancing sweaty bodies. It was great.)

The Leeves (check out my last article about them here) played next. What do I have left to say about The Leeves? They are my favorite band of all time. Every time I see them, I lose my shit. Afterwards, I’m usually so happy that I have to hug everybody around me.

Friday night, they played a set of old songs and a couple of new ones. The crowd was comprised of people who I see frequently at Leeves’ shows – so most people knew the words and sang (or shouted) along. It wasn’t uncommon for one person to hold onto the shoulder of a friend and sing with them, or shout lyrics into either Jerrod or Jon’s microphone. After they played (what they said was) their last song, ‘The Ghost of Ira Rose,’ the crowd yelled for more. The Leeves graced us with one final song, ‘No Dime.’ The first time I saw The Leeves, they started their set with that song. Three and a half years ago, I simply swayed a little bit next to my friend. Friday, however, I jumped into the mass of people shoving each other, singing my heart out. I regretted this fact the next morning when my sides were bruised and my voice was hoarse. Once again, The Leeves played another fucking awesome set.

Photo of The Leeves by Katei Cranford

Around 12:30, Big Attack! closed up the show. Their loud, in-your-face punk sound ended the evening wonderfully. As previously mentioned, Big Attack! are from Philadelphia, but most of their members have relocated to Greensboro. Our city, in a sense, has adopted Big Attack! as one of our own. Many people would agree with me if I called them ‘local.’

Nearly as many people knew the lyrics to Big Attack’s songs as they did The Leeves’ and the crowd was slightly rougher (in fact, most of the bruises I woke up with were probably from Big Attack’s set.). At several points I or another person would reach down and pull someone up who had been pushed to the floor. This was my second time seeing Big Attack (not counting Halloween’s Oi! set) and they did not disappoint. You can listen to them on BandCamp. Without a doubt, they’ll be back soon.

Nights like these are why I stay in Greensboro. When I wake up the morning after, sore and hoarse, I quit questioning my choice. I’ve heard a whole lot of music in my life (thanks to my parents, who named me after a Roxy Music song) and never have I appreciated it so much as the sounds I hear in Greensboro. Maybe it’s because of the people who make it, or maybe it’s because it’s just so goddamn good. Regardless, Greensboro’s music is some of the finest I’ve heard. If you aren’t making it, go listen to it.

Also — check out The Leeves with The Queers, The Wild, and The Nondenoms this Friday at Glenwood Coffee & Books!


The Leeves

Big Attack!

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