Days Ahead: an Interview with J-Memory

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Photo by Josh Hofer

 J-Memory has been playing music since he found a guitar in his parents’ closet as kid.  He started playing in indie bands around Greensboro when he was 15 before moving to Raleigh in 2007.

“I didn’t know a lot of people in Raleigh,” said J-Memory, “but I was lucky enough to meet a couple of local emcees, namely B-Nice and Mike Live.”

“I was still listening to indie music while learning from these awesome MC’s and it molded me to be more versatile.”   It was during this time period that J-Memory started producing some of his on tracks while incorporating indie rock with hip-hop.  J-Memory goes on to say, “A lot of dudes in the hip-hop industry don’t believe in mixing genres, but I believe it changes it for the better.  I like to incorporate guitars and more actual instruments in my hip-hop songs.  It’s not like rap-rock, it’s more intelligent than that.”

J-Memory has recently released a new EP online entitled Days that can be listened to online with plans to release physical copies, in the form of cassettes and vinyl, in the near future.  “I’m trying to push my music beyond Raleigh and I know the hip-hop scene in Greensboro is pretty vibrant”

The EP took a while to record, with some tracks over two years old. “While producing and recording this album I was also working on another project,” said J-Memory, “After that fell through I really wanted to push my solo work.  I produced all the tracks and got to feature local MC’s, like B-Nice, on the EP.  Days is a very eclectic EP though none of the tracks clash with each other, they just fell into place.”

Check out his BandCamp here or see him at NYP June 27th.

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