Dogwood Brewery: The Leeves, Jack Carter & The Armory, and Crystal Bright & The Silver Hands

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Dogwood BreweryAt 930 Glenwood Avenue is the Dogwood Brewery. It is a house whose residents create an array of home brewed beers ranging from dark to light brews. Also in his house is a large basement, which doubles as a performance space. The likes of James Marshall Owen and Matty Sheets and the Blockheads (check out my article about them here) have played in this space. This past Saturday, December 17, my favorite band played alongside some of Greensboro’s finest. This gathering of music and people featured The Leeves, Jack Carter and the Armory, and Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands.

The Leeves kicked off the evening at 10:30. They are one of my favorite bands in the world. It is a trio that is made up of Jerrod Smith (guitar and lead vocals), Jon Bohlen (bass and vocals), and Doug Pike (drums and vocals). Both Jerrod and Jon contribute their talent to The Blockheads (Jerrod plays drums, while Jon plays bass). Doug also plays drums in Jack Carter and the Armory, and has played for the Subterranean Bums and more. The Leeves played both new and old songs, including “Bitter,” “What We Know,” and “For Our Friends.” As customary at Leeves shows, the crowd sang along to the words they knew and danced throughout the set. Of course, this included me (find me in the picture to the left).

Jack Carter WUAG

Jack Carter visiting Avant on Air at WUAG.

Up next came Jack Carter and the Armory. Although the band itself is new, the members are not. Jack Carter, frontman on vocals and guitar, has been seen in bands like the Subterranean Bums and Adam Arcuragi and the Lupine Chorale Society. Randy Seals (bass) has also played with Adam Arcuragi, as well as The Goodbye House, Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands, and plenty more. He also has his own recording studio, On Pop of the World Studios. Harrison Barrow (keys) has played for Come Hell or High Water, The Blockheads, and Adam Arcuragi’s project. And so on – these guys are so talented; it’s hard to keep up with them.

Well, now that that’s done, I’ll get to their sound.  They are pure rock ‘n’ roll – aggressive and up front. There are familiar songs from

the members’ old bands that the crowd knows, as well as new songs to learn. They are definitely a band to watch. Their set was enjoyable, and the crowd was feeling it.

Last came Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands. They have been around for awhile, throughout numerous lineup changes. Their frontwoman, Crystal Bright, has a unique voice with a lot of range. Their sound is circus-y and eclectic, and their songs are catchy.

Although I missed most of their set, I’ve seen them so many times that I’m sure it was wonderful. They are a band that never disappoints.

These are some of the most talented musicians in Greensboro. I always feel welcome at their shows, and it’s a relief that I’m not the only one who knows all of The Leeves’ lyrics. Check out all of these bands. Jack Carter and the Armory will be at the Green Bean tonight (Dec 23) with Matty Sheets and the Blockheads and Marshall Owen.

The Leeves

Jack Carter & The Armory

Crystal Bright & The Silver Hands

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