Drunken Prayer at the Green Bean

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Drunken Prayer came highly recommended to me by the cream of the crop live music lovers and musicians that I respect.  So, when they came through Greensboro a couple of weeks ago, I went to see them play the Green Bean.  Listening to Drunken Prayer live, they felt familiar and I could almost put my finger on who they sound like from moment to moment, yet they sound completely original.  This band doesn’t do just one sound well, they dig into their souls to pull out each song and the sound is fluid and reminiscent and bold.

I have two favorite songs, The Mission Field and Pearls Before Swine.  I assume that these are probably two of the most popular tunes because they are so easy to like right away.  I found myself singing The Mission Field after only one listen and haven’t really gotten it out of my head since. The video for The Mission Field was just featured at the Music Video Asheville awards.  Another favorite is a dark, surrealistic video paired with some dirty, true blue blues for the song Hunt Me Down (and Kill Me).  Good stuff.

I feel I would do an injustice to even give a comparison to what Drunken Prayer sounds like.  It wouldn’t accurately depict the fact that Drunken Prayer is an old gospel, dust bowl darkness, broken hearted guitar, tears in your beer band with a dash of edgy.  They sound like seventies pure rock guitar lay down with a Library of Congress Depression Era recording, creating a cross pollination of genres.  Regardless of your listening history, you will feel like Drunken Prayer captures a part of your deepest memories.  Captures the history of music past and does it justice in the present.

Morgan Greer IS Drunken Prayer.  Drunken Prayer has been Morgan’s project for about seven years, recording and traveling from the West Coast to the East, with a constantly morphing cast of musicians paying honor to Morgan’s truth.  So, Drunken Prayer is not actually an Asheville band.  Morgan, originally from San Francisco, spent many years on the project in the Portland and Seattle scenes.  He also has spent much time in the Gulf, playing up and down the East Coast. Morgan knows talented players on both coasts to fill out his band and keep travel costs down.

The current traveling line-up is David Gaye and Sam Brinkley.  Dave is a lanky, dressed in black bass player who looks like he stepped off of a Nashville tour bus circa 1965.  I can only imagine his road stories.  He has had a long and impressive career playing with many highly respected musicians.  Sam is a handsome drummer who can simultaneously play a song tight and neat while retaining a feeling of spontaneity. He has an easy way about him but his purpose and force behind the kit is undeniable.  Morgan is pleased with the energy of these two guys.  You can find them almost every weekend somewhere between Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina.  They have been making the Greensboro, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Wilmington route often enough that we can catch them, but not so often that we will bore of them.

Drunken Prayer is a musician’s band, subtle and intelligent.  Drunken Prayer is a coffee shop band, with lyrics worth listening to.  Drunken Prayer is a bar band, for throwing on your favorite boots, be they cowboy or motorcycle, and tossing back a cold one with a smile on your face and not a care in the world.

I don’t know what better sugar coated compliment  to express my new found love for this band than to plainly state that I enjoyed them the first time, I saw them a second time, and I will definitely go see them a third time and a fourth.  I loved it.  So, next time they play Greensboro, Chapel Hill, Birmingham or Seattle, I hope to see you there…


Drunken Prayer is finishing up a new album under the Portland label, Fluff and Gravy, to be released Fall, 2013.  The website is  And hey, just go Facebook “Like” them already, would ya?! Jeez.

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  1. bebe kern says:

    one of the best descriptions ever of this mostly undescribable great band!

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