Green Bean: Jack Carter & The Armory, James Marshall Owen, and Matty Sheets & The Blockheads

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Downtown’s popular coffee shop is the Green Bean. It is located at 341 South Elm Street, next to Natty Greene’s. The coffee is strong and fair trade, and there are locally made pastries available to go along with it. The Bean also hosts live music several times a week, with both local and touring acts. Christmas weekend, the Bean saw Jack Carter & The Armory, Matty Sheets & The Blockheads, and James Marshall Owen take the stage.

Photo of Jack Carter & The Armory by Avalon Kenny

After warming up at a few house shows, the Armory shelled the Green Bean’s stage around 8:20. Their music is straight up rock n roll, the brain child of Jack Carter. TheĀ  member’s are a charismatic bunch and have been seen in bands all over Greensboro (read more in depth about that here). Also joining the lineup for this show was Marshall Owen, whose talent is legendary in the Greensboro area. The Armory played several original songs, as well as a Christmas song – ‘O Holy Night.’ Their set was energetic and got the crowd ready for what was to come.

Next up was Marshall Owen. His music has been a staple in my iTunes for the past couple of years, playing in bands like Eating the Invaders and the Subterranean Bums. Marshall began his musical career in Greensboro, but moved to Texas about a year ago. Joining Marshall was David ‘Driveway’ Moore, Randy Seals, and Blake West (who plays in Marshall’s band A Very Bad Wizard in Texas). They played new songs as well as old ones. My two favorites were, of course, ‘Houses on the Sand’ and ‘Green Champagne,’ on which Driveway sang. Marshall also played an original Christmas song, ‘Plastic Inflatable Christmas Merry Go Round.’ It was wonderful to hear his music again.

Photo of The Blockheads by Avalon Kenny

The Blockheads closed up the evening. Their self proclaimed ‘aquatic garage folk’ was a perfect ending to the night. Their lineup was missingĀ  Erin Hayes, Jessica ‘Little P’ Pennell and Emily Stewart, but they still sounded great. Driveway jumped onstage to play harmonica for ‘Swimming Pool.’ Matty also announced they would be playing a Christmas song. The Christmas song was ‘Shark Boots’ with updated lyrics – including ‘you’re baby Jesus however, your boots are made of shark.’ They also played ‘Heart,’ ‘Up To Snuff,’ and ‘Nashville,’ along with several others. During ‘Nashville,’ fans who knew the song lost their shit. I danced with my friend throughout the entire song, spinning and twirling as best as we could in that small space. The floor was shaking because so many people were jumping or dancing. The Blockheads are my happy band.

Yet another weekend was filled with music, thanks to these local talents. Keep your eyes out for The Armory, who will definitely be around for awhile. Marshall, unfortunately, is headed back to Texas in a couple of days, but he’ll be back for more open mics and gigs.

Jack Carter & The Armory

Matty Sheets & The Blockheads

James Marshall Owen

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