Indie Rock Psychonauts: Eros and the Eschaton

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erosThe band Eros and the Eschaton, made up of Kate Perdoni and Adam Hawkins, got their name from the titular lecture by famed writer, philosopher, and psychonaut Terence McKenna.

McKenna was an articulate advocate and expert on topics such as psychotropic and anticonvulsant drugs, shamanism, human consciousness, and metaphysics. His influence over Eros and the Eschaton’s debut album, “Home Address for Civil War,” is evident in the ephemeral dreamscapes that Adam and Kate have crafted with their music.

Kate and Adam met in Omaha.“I was playing solo as Katey Sleeveless,” said Kate, “and he was playing in It’s True!” The two hit it off and Kate went on a three week tour with It’s True! through California. “I opened a few shows for them and did merch.” Adam and Kate fell in love during that trip and came to the Midwest afterwards. In 2011, their son Amilio, or Lio for short, was born and the family started traveling across the country in a motor-home when he was just two months old.

Eventually, the two formed Eros and the Eschaton and they played their first show at the Green Bean a year ago. Since then, the setting of Greensboro has played an integral role in the creation of their music. “Omaha has Saddle Creek hanging over it’s head,” said Adam in comparing the Midwest to Greensboro. “It makes many people too concerned about ‘making it.’ Greensboro is much more relaxed.” Kate adds, “Everyone in Greensboro is so supportive, like Matty Sheets and his band.”

As a band, Eros and the Eschaton has only played for about a year, but during that time they have played a few memorable shows across the country. “We just got back from a weekend in Roanoke, VA, where we played at an awesome combo thrift/antique/record/coffee shop called The Bazaar. It’s the second time we’ve played there, and we totally love it. Jamie, who owns the place, says she just brews regular 8 o’clock coffee, but I swear to god it takes way more magical than that!”

Kate adds, “We also love playing at The Garage and the Pink Warehouse in Charlottesville, and loved Shea Stadium in New York City, where we played when we went to go meet with the people from our future label for the first time. It is this underground DIY space in a totally under-the-radar neighborhood in Brooklyn. You have to go up a huge flight of stairs to get there. Also, Spaceboy Clothing in Delaware is really rad – it’s a venue and shop upstairs, and an old Dillard’s department store-turned screenprinting outfit downstairs. They turned a portion of the old department store into a mock skate park for the staff. “

Eros and Eschaton perform at The Blind Tiger

Eros and the Eschaton’s first music video marked an important step forward for the band. “We knew the Love Drunk film crew from Omaha, where Hawk (Hawk is Kate’s nickname for Adam Hawkins) used to live. They are a video crew that travels around the country, much like a band on tour. Except instead of playing shows, they shoot live, one-take videos of bands. They had just filmed The Spinto Band in Delaware and made a stop here in Greensboro to record a song of ours. We had never played a show, and we didn’t even really have a band name or anything. This was about a year ago. We’d never played one of our songs for anybody, either. So we drank some whiskey, and they carried all our gear for us down to this old abandoned barn in the woods behind our house. We just set up and played the song. Right before we started to play, a huge Hawk flew right above our heads and landed in a nearby tree to watch. It felt like such a nice sign. It totally marked our beginning as a band, because it’s the first performance we ever did. Django, the founder of Love Drunk Studio, does really great work.” You can check out the video for “You Know I Do” here.

This music video eventually led to the band getting signed to Bar/None Records. “Mark Lipsitz from the record label saw the video and liked it. We started to forge a friendship with him, it felt really casual. Eventually, we got signed.”

Kate and Adam are releasing their debut album, “Home Address for Civil War” in August. They describe the album’s sound: “The songs on the album are mostly really mellow, but there are a lot of underlying currents of sound weaving in and out of each other. I think the sounds on the album are similar to a sonic war, like a Star Wars for shoegaze. A lot of the songs are about standing up for yourself spiritually and in the realm of your personal constitution toward life. So I think that makes sense when you take the album title in the way that changing the world needs to begin from within, or at home, hence ‘Home Address for Civil War.’”

The album’s title has a unique history: “We actually got the name by accident, when I was texting our pal Chela on Hawk’s new phone, which had the Swype feature. I don’t remember what I was trying to tell her, but Hawk and I both loved the accidental phrase and immediately thought it would be a great album title. We had not even begun recording an album at that point. I think when you’re a musician, you are always scanning phrases and pondering, ‘Does that sound like a good album title?'”

You can pick up “Home Address for Civil War” on August 13th at the Bar/None website and at all the usual digital outlets. Eros and the Eschaton are playing live on Tuesday, July 23 with Night Moves at the Local 506 in Chapel Hill. You can catch them in Greensboro for their CD release show at a surprise location and again on August 23 at the Green Bean with the Lake Isle. They will also be performing at the Hopscotch Music Festival in Raleigh September 5-6.

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