Pants On or Off? A Candid Interview with The Old One Two

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The Old One Two

The Old One Two give each other the old one hand on two cheeks - L to R - Nathan Myers, Hawke Kelley, and Chadd Myers (Photo by Keith Warther)

Last week, Keith and I talked with Serious Bangs for Avant Greensboro’s new interview feature. This week, we bring to you an exclusive interview with The Old One-Two.

Keith and I met up with Hawke Kelley (vocals) and Nathan (guitar) and Chadd Myers (drums) at the Green Bean on Wednesday.  They’re definitely a lighthearted bunch – it was hard to contain my laughter at points during our interview. Here’s what they had to say.

How long have you guys been playing music together?

Nathan Myers: We were in two other bands before this, about 6 years ago.

Chadd Myers: The first one was a ukulele based band called Breakfast of Champions. It was kind of a joke. The other was called Felonious Rosenburgh.

Hawke Kelley: This band has been together 3 and a half years, since 2008.

Describe your sound to someone who’s never heard it before?

HK: I sort of describe it as “rock n fuckin’ roll.”

NM: It’s quirky.

Favorite Greensboro band?

HK: There’s so many. Jack Carter and the Armory. I like Pinche Gringo.

NM: The Leeves.

CM: Matty Sheets and the Blockheads.

NM: Every Greensboro band.

HK: There’s not a Greensboro band I don’t like.

NM: All the ones I know. Subterranean Bums.

[At this point, we talked about Jack Carter and The Armory for a really long time – they’re a band we’re all extremely stoked about. Check out my last article about them here. Rumor has it that AG will have a new feature about them soon…keep your eyes peeled.]

Favorite thing about playing in Greensboro?

CM: Enthusiasm is pretty incredible compared to most places.

NM: Plus we have a lot of bands.

HK: Support is great. It’s easier to play with cool bands when they all live in one town.

Best place to play in Greensboro?

HK: 1213 W Friendly. [Their old house.]

NM: I like The Flatiron.

CM: I love The Flatiron.

What did you first think when you came to Greensboro?

The Old One Two

The Old One Two chat about their music experiences since moving to Greensboro (Photo by Keith Warther)

CM: I always heard this town was a pretty good place because a lot of people we know came here before us.

NM: The first time we came here was when we saw Modest Mouse and we couldn’t figure out how to get out.

HK: After that we never moved out – Gate City closed us in its gates.

What inspired you to create thongs as merchandise?

NM: They weren’t really thongs – they were pretty unsightly women’s underwear.

HK: We just went with what we would look good in.

NM: We originally had guys’ underwear and we went to Walmart and all they had were unsightly granny panties. It would’ve been better as thongs.

CM: We could hand paint each one.

You’re a lot younger than a lot of the bands you play with – does that affect anything?

HK: We take some away from that but not in the sense that their age doesn’t bother me. I just take from them what they’ve experienced as musicians. Matty Sheets is a great guy for that.

Nathan to Hawke’s mustache: What’s your favorite kind of wax?

HK: Mustache wax.

CM: Another Roadside Attraction’s mustache wax.

HK: I’m going to enter in the Mustache and Beard Club contest.

After that, we ran out of questions, so they flipped the interview around on us until we managed to convince them to take pictures (“Pants on or off?”). They’re definitely a riot – check out the photos Keith took of them.

You can catch the Old One-Two tonight (March 2) at New York Pizza (Tate Street) and next Friday (March 9) at The Flatiron.

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  1. matty sheets says:

    Love these guys. Thanks for the shout-outs fellas!

  2. One of my favorite North Carolina bands to play on my show Carolina Music Storm on WUAG 103.1 FM.

    BTW, that photo at the top is "So Wrong." Hey, couldn't resist! (Song on "Soulful and Small" – great CD) Can't wait for the new release from The Old One-Two. 😀

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