Resurrecting “The Talking Dead”

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Eric MurphyDaily Planet’s latest album, “The Talking Dead”, is unexpected. Not unexpected as in it’s quality, I knew it was going to be a great album, but in the scope of it’s content. The opening track, “Venting”, features a sample from Dario Argento’s classic horror film “Suspiria”. The ninth track, “Villainous” references everything from Pokemon’s Team Rocket to Voltron and Mumra. These shout outs to pop culture don’t come off as forced but reinforce the songs on a thematic level. I can’t think off any other rapper so in-tune with geek culture. Daily Planet has outdone himself: “The Talking Dead” isn’t just one of the best hip-hop records from a local artist, but one of the best records I’ve heard in the past couple of years. After listening the album a few times I had a few lingering questions I had to ask Daily Planet.

It seems like Greensboro is almost a character in the CD, especially in “Blue Sky” with the references to Florida Street. How has living in Greensboro affected your music and writing?

Well, I have lived in Greensboro for quite a while. I’ve lived on almost every side of the city. Any stories I tell based on experiences are directly based more so on the people I’ve come in contact with and stories I share with them. At the same time, most of my influences musically and style-wise come from the underground scenes, mainly those out of Detroit, New York or California.

Is “Talking Dead” a reference to the show/comic “The Walking Dead”, the band “The Talking Heads”, both or neither?

I came up with the title “Talking Dead” based on the fact that a lot of people now believe a popular saying, “Hip hop is dead”, is true. I like to consider what I do hip hop, and that I am part of that culture. Hence I am pretty much the talking dead.

What is the typical recording session like?

The typical recording session is who ever else is involved in the session and I, trying our hardest to write and record good stuff in a timely matter, while various bottles, pipes and vises are passed around. Its fun and done successfully most of the time. My good friend, Chris Tobin, did all of the engineering and recording on this project, and didn’t charge me a dime. I’m lucky.

Where can people buy the album?

People can buy the mixtape from me for 2 dollars. Just email me. I’m not as concerned with people buying the album as I am with people hearing it. (Email Eric at to request a mixtape.)

Any upcoming projects?

I am working on a new album with Lorenzo Hall, aka Mack Papers. The name of our group is Delorian.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Great article and a great person (my older brother). I want a copy of the mixtape!

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