The Underscore Orkestra bringing Klezmer to CFBG

Apr 5th, 2012 | By | Category: Sounds

Last year I got the chance to see The Undescore Orkestra at CFBG. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced before; crazy, foot stompin’ European music filled the venue. It was hard to sit still – their percussionists do a great job of keeping a beat that holds the crowd. Along with having two (!) percussionists, there are nine other members in the band. They bring traditional instruments like guitar and bass (a double bass, in fact) to the table and complement them with more unorthodox gear such as piccolo, sousaphone, and bambazoo – along with several instruments that I have no idea what to call. Woodwinds? Horns? Who knows. But all of those instruments come together to create a unique, exceptional sound.

The band will be gracing CFBG again with their Klezmer-gypsy-jazz music this weekend. If that combination of genres doesn’t excite you already, their music also incorporates belly dancing and traditional Balkan influences. You won’t want to miss this show.

They’ll be playing with The Raving Knaves  and The Nondenoms, two local punk bands. The show is Saturday, April 7th, at 9pm. Check out the Facebook event page here.

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