Win/Win: Bar Ethos

Sep 6th, 2013 | By | Category: Entertainment, Sounds

Greensboro Orgyby Taylor Bays

When a band plays at your bar, you are going to make a really decent sum of money. Band plays music. People come to see the music. People drink while they watch the music. The band gets exposure. The bar makes money. This is the standard dynamic.

Bars are a business and marketing your business is important if it’s to stay afloat. When you host a band, you’re presenting yourself to potential regular customers. You want to make sure that these potential regular customers have a positive experience. You want to make sure that the bands bringing the potential regular customers into your bar have a positive experience. It’s just a smart business move.

If a band packs your place out in a night and you make a lump of cash in drink sales, the band members should leave drunk as skunks with enough money to at least buy some shoes at Kohl’s and a Cookout tray. I’m real sick of playing at venues and blowing everything I got paid on booze for the night. You guys need to quit being jerks. Pay bands. Get them drunk, damn it. Give them quarters to go get chiclets and pistachios and shit from your little candy vending things. Give them whatever they want. Let them know that you’re their friend. They’ll love you. They’ll keep playing there. Their friends will become your friends and you’ll all make money.

This being said, I don’t think New York Pizza on Tate street (my current favorite Greensboro venue to play at) has much to worry about in terms of business flow. Because I get treated well when I play there, I want to make sure that Rosie Fernandez and Eric Moss (who book the shows there) recognize that I appreciate them by continuing to play there. They get paid. I get paid. They get exposure. I get exposure. Plus, they give me drinks and food. FOOD, people. Holy Hell. It’s an “everybody wins” situation.

The fact is, Rosie and Eric have made some really solid steps towards bettering the local music scene with the way they’re operating shows over there and it’s been paying off for everyone. The bands that perform there are consistently good as is the size of the turnout for shows. I want this city to continue to be a hot-spot for independent musicians and Greensboro would be a veritable hive for regional music if all bars and venues treated bands with this kind of compassion and hospitality.

The other music venues in town need to step up their game. NYP’s making them look bad.


Photo by Carolyn de Berry

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