Another Sunny Day with Evan Olson

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Evan Olson

Photo by Jessica Mashburn

Evan Olson is one of Greensboro’s musical pride & joy’s. We’re very lucky to have such accomplished talent right here in our own city! His extensive career includes playing with Ben Folds, movie soundtracks, everything inbetween and more. This fall, be sure to check out Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3 to hear one of Evan’s tracks. (Or, you could cheat and preview it here on Soundcloud!)


So your track, “Another Sunny Day” is featured in The Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3 – it’s so familiar, though! Where else have we heard this song?

Hmmm, let’s see. I could give the Robert Dinero answer: “It’s been in things.” If I get a song placement it’s great but I don’t think about it too much. That’ll drive you crazy! I know it’s been a local ad that played in theaters before the previews. Also an HBO series called Real Sex (so proud of that one.) I can’t remember the other placements : (

Having a song showcased on a movie or television show is no new thing to you. What soundtracks have you contributed to in the past?

I had a song in the first Scooby Doo movie. A movie called My Boss’s Daughter used my song. A movie called In America used a song of mine. Also, several independent films and a lot of TV shows. Sex And The City, Ugly Betty, The Hills, Laguna Beach, Tech Toys 360. A lot of cable shows. Most of the time for TV my music is in the background so it’s not always that noticeable. I’ve been lucky.

Is it still exciting to go to a movie and hear what you created, being used as part of the landscape of a major motion picture? Or to randomly hear one of your songs come up on the television on a commercial?

It’s great to hear it in a theater because the sound system is so great! It’s good and loud; however, I have to remember where I am and not blurt out, “that’s me!” I have to sit in silent excitement and gratitude.

Soundtracks are just one aspect of your career as a musician. You’ve worked with a lot of famous & extremely talented musicians from NC. Give us some of your background?

I’ve been in bands with some talented people. I learned a lot from them and played some great music. A lot of time spent in vans experiencing the aromas of life. Check out Big Bang Boom, Snuzz, Walrus and Ben Folds to see what I mean.

You’re now involved in several acts – Evan & Dana, AM Rodeo are some of them – do you prefer working in duos as opposed to bands?

The funny thing is Evan And Dana never planned on being a duo at first. We wanted a drummer but for whatever reason couldn’t find the right one. So, we started playing as a duo and it just took on a life of its own. It’s also easier for a duo to play places a full band wouldn’t normally play. We fit into to smaller spaces and we’re more dynamic volume wise. You can dance to it but still hear yourself talk.

Evan & Dana

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We definitely live in a state of talented performers. Why have you chosen Greensboro as your home base?

I like Greensboro’s diversity. There’s no “scene” here to get in the way of individuality. Also, I’m here because of the taco truck on the corner of Chapman and Spring Garden.

You have an album coming out soon, too, right?

Yes, it’s called Eternal Bliss and I’m excited about people hearing it! I want everybody to hear it, including everybody’s mama!

You play a lot of gigs – anything coming up that Avant Greensboro readers shouldn’t miss?

Check out for live dates. We’d love to see your readers at a show.

Where are the best places online to keep up with your new tracks and album releases?

My new CD will be available on iTunes soon. My other CDs are on iTunes also. You can check out
my website at for info and songs by yours truly.

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