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As you might have noticed, our menu bar looks a little different today. What’s this “calendar” tab all about, you ask?

For a while, Avant Greensboro has wanted to curate an Events calendar that proves “Greensboring” is just a state of mind. It’s new, but not perfect yet. More about that later.

We joyfully announce our new events calendar! Click HERE – because you want to go to there.

Avant Greensboro events calendar

This is the “Posterboard” view of the events calendar. It’s pretty and a little chaotic. Some people can dig that kind of thang.

If you aren’t one of those people, you probably like this view better:

calendar agenda


This is the “Agenda” view – click on “Posterboard” and choose “Agenda” to switch. It’s as easy as that. The agenda view is a bit more orderly.

And for those of you with astoundingly short attention spans and tiny information palates, you can make the calendar even more compact still:

calendar agenda collapsed


It’s not as pretty, plain and simple, but it’s good for quick scanning. To choose this, simply click “collapse all”, and poof!


Each event listing can be clicked on for more information, such as a map of the venue, price, Facebook listing, and more.

Here’s where I need your help, Greensboro.

We need to make this calendar as awesome as we can, without leaving people out. Okay. Maybe we’ll leave out the Journey Tribute Shows at SYN Nightclub. Obviously. (Something tells me they’re not hurting for promotion, anyway.) Lets get under the radar. Get in touch with us! Let us know! Our calendar can sync to Google Calendar files, which might help.

There’s a lot of shows now, and that’s not all we’re going to cover. We’d also love to list:

  • Events for charity
  • Special occasion film screenings
  • Festivals of all kinds
  • Art Performances
  • Visual Art Exhibitions
  • Game nights
  • Open Mics
  • Community Goings-on
  • Political events

Avant Greensboro will try to post all events; however, we will use our own discretion at adding or declining event listings. Don’t be surprised if we won’t list Journey Tribute shows, for instance. Do people really pay to get in the door for that?

One more caveat is that your events must take place in Greensboro. We will make rare exceptions, though, with emphasis on the rare.

So Greensboro, help us help you. Help us help Greensboro’s reputation as a lifeless, generic city, even with this small step of elevating city-awareness. That’s what we’re all about.

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