Craigslist Bartering, When Santa Doesn’t Know You Very Well

Jan 4th, 2012 | By | Category: Feature

Old Santa Photo“Who uses a damn foot spa anyway?!” – a sentence many giftees uttered to themselves this holiday season. What fate indeed shall come upon the poor, unwanted bath for your little piggies?

If you’re smart you’ll take it to the streets on Greensboro Craigslist’s bartering page. In case you aren’t familiar, Craigslist is a free classified advertising site. You can find anything from a used car, an apartment, a job, a pet parrot, or even an escort. Ahem.

In addition to all of these things, you can offer items for free and items for trade (barter).

Greensboro’s Craigslist is a storied place full of oddities, ignorance, glorious insight, and spam alike. You never know what you’ll find for sale. With this in mind, just what exactly might someone with a real lemon of a gift trade for?

Well, that depends – while some offers are unquestionably finite and specific, you might also find a veiled call for bored individuals with thin moral constitutions (see “I have a waterbed” below) or even an entire business.

Bartering Offers on Greensboro Craigslist

Then again, Greensboro knows the Gift of the Magi all too well. Who knows? After an hour or two of raucous bounce house jumping, you might need a foot spa. Then again, a vapor barrier might come in handy for those squalid, unwashed tootsies.

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