Lazy Cat Arts Benefit Show March 29th at the Flatiron

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Lazy Cat Arts Benefit

The Greensboro community has come together countless times in the past to help those of us in need.  Musicians, artists, organizers, and supporters have come out to help so many times, it would be crazy to try and list them all.  One that sticks in my mind was five or six years ago when we held two shows at the Flatiron called Free Matty, an event to raise money for my lawyer to help me out in court with some ugly charges that I collected by living in the wrong house at the wrong time.  It made me cry as I counted the money at the end of the night, and it worked.

I will always remember the community for that outstanding effort.

Now we have another cause to rally for, Greensboro.  Our friend, and huge community supporter, Chris Lubinski (Lazy Cat Arts) is in need of our assistance (not for legal fees, but medical expenses).  To the Batmobile, true believers.

Chris Lubinski benefit showWe will be holding a massive benefit show on Thursday,March 29th at the Flatiron.  So far on the bill we have Megan Jean and the KFB, Elkbellows (Mike O’Malley), The Painted Skulls, Emily Stewart and the Baby Teeth, Myself and the Blockheads, Laila Nur, and whatever the amazing Molly McGinn puts together for our listening pleasure.

There will be prints of Chris’ work, arts, crafts, food, booze, music, and laughter.  Mark your calendars, save a couple bucks in that secret pocket of those jeans, and come on out to support this worthy and necessary cause.  Who knows?  You may be in need of the community’s help one day, too.

More details to come soon.  Thank you for caring.


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  1. Matty Sheets says:

    spread this around, Greensboro. Help us get the word out. Thanks.

  2. matty sheets says:

    ‎7pm Laura Boswell. 7:30 Village Tricycle. 8pm The Collection 8:30 Laila Nur. 9pm Molly McGinn. 9:30 Megan Jean and the KFB. 10:15 Painted Skulls. 10:45 Blockheads. 11:20ish Emily Stewart and the Baby Teeth. Purrlesque will have time to perform between Megan Jean and the Painted Skulls, between Painted Skulls and the Blockheads, and between the Blockheads and the Baby Teeth.

  3. This is going to be a great event! For a good cause!

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