Warning: Cool Kids’ Camp Opportunity Now Approaching

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If there’s one big complaint that I have about Greensboro, it’s that there’s no good way to stay informed about all the amazingly cool things that are going on, especially when it involves the most awesome thing ever, which is…

Keeping your kids out of your hair during the summer.

Update: both kids agreed that this was the best camp ever. Like, ever ever ever in a million billion years. They also want to go live with Mr. Amana and his wife because we’re simply not fun enough for their liking.

Otherwise? This is my view, 24-7, and I am not joking:

Mason and Dylan go all batty

Now, I have a seriously bad habit of finding out about these amazingly cool things during 4 periods which are…

1. When it’s too late to sign up.
2. When they’re halfway done.
3. When they’re over.
4. When they have just been cancelled because no one signed up.

Just the other day, in fact, I heard about a science camp and an art camp that both sounded right up my kids’ alleys. Both of them were conspiratorially mentioned to me, too, adding to my now intense desire to dig deeper into all those fun activities that my young little monsters could be indulging in instead of being on the computer all the time (that’s my thing), playing video games all the time, lying supine on the floor and loudly moaning about how boring their lives are and how all their other friends have nonstop playdates and get to drink 18 cans of Coke a day and go on more trips than we do and always have lots of packs of potato chips tucked into every pocket of their new bookbag because they get a new one every year and don’t have to use the same one from LL Bean all the time even though it is monogrammed and can get run over by a truck and still be awesome.

However, let me tell you about a drama camp, because it’s fantastic. My children are lucky enough to have been to lots of cool camps and done many cool things but when we picked them up after their first day of drama camp this week, they both practically yelled that “THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING CAMP EVER!!!” and then, god bless them, they spent the remaining hours of the day loudly and frantically chattering about how they couldn’t wait to go back the next day. That’s a good camp right? That’s high praise. My children, easily bored little sweethearts that they are, could not sleep on Monday night because they were so excited about going back to camp on Tuesday morning. They’ll be performing The Big Bad Musical.

The Big Bad Musical

Here’s the lowdown: Selassie Amana and his wife Angie are both elementary school teachers. Last year, they started a theatre called A+ Kids Theatre. Mr. Amana has been my children’s PE teacher at Lindley Elementary for ages, and as someone who grew up with a firm hatred of all things sporty (although I do enjoy a nice terry cloth wristband and might like to rollerskate one more time before I croak), I confess that their love for PE makes me very happy. When Mr. Amana announced that he’d be conducting a couple of weeks of drama/theatre camps this summer, I signed up lickety split. This week of camp is almost over but there is another one happening in a couple of weeks, so if you’re looking for something amazing for your kids to do, go sign up.

The next camp runs from July 22-25, from 9am to 2pm, and that’s for kids ages 5-13 and runs $100 per camper. The Theatre Camp weeks end with a performance on Thursday so you get to see the fruits of their labors. I’m excited, and a bit happy that Mason (my almost-11 year old son) will no longer be speaking in his “Judge” voice. I’m worried that my 8 year old daughter Dylan won’t want to give back the black suede go-go boots that she’s borrowed from me for her role as a reporter. I’ve never seen a reporter in go-go boots but hey, I don’t want to squash their spirits. Not yet, at least. If Mason goes all Daniel Day-Lewis and starts method acting, well I might change my mind then.

A+ Kids Theatre Facebook Page

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