Days Like This

Feb 11th, 2013 | By | Category: Fiction

It’s days like today that I have an easy time getting Through
The weather is shitting drizzle and fog at a Quarter After 10
Days where you look ahead and it feels like you’re headed towards nothing
but barrel towards it anyway
You want to pick up the phone but you won’t call
You think about writing a text or sending An email
Before deciding not to contact at all
Besides it’s February 12 and the roses are probably already lined around the block
You have to know how to live on days like these
You can’t complain about the loves lost and the voids found
Turn your headlights on and your wipers intermittent
Winter is almost gone And the sun will drench you soon enough
As I wait for the old ladies while they make it slowly into their physical therapy appointments
Days like this must be rough on their bones cold and dank
Be sure to put on an extra layer
Since I can’t be there.
The pope resigns on days like this.


Matt Amick is a freelance writer and filmmaker. His stream of consciousness poems have appeared in the Coraddi, poetry reviews, and elsewhere.  He is a graduate of the Media Writing program at UNCG, and currently runs A Ready Made Production.  He presently resides in Greensboro, NC.

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