Letters From the Future: Part 1

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A series of letters were discovered recently in a very big, very old building in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina. They have been sealed and stamped, but with no postmark. The paper seems new, although the piano the letters were found in was not moved since it was placed, sometime in the early 1900’s. From the events described in these letters, it would seem they were written about six years from now- in the future. We here at Avant Greensboro are bringing them to you unabridged.


1900's piano


Dear Amile,

I have something to tell you. You may not like it. Let us skip all of the pleasantries, and I will start in on it. Perhaps you can find some humor in it, as I have tried to.

It just sounds funny, even after all that’s happened. Twenty-somethings in mini skirts trying to hit me with their handbags in the middle of the night, in the middle of Elm Street, trying to hit me and then eat my brains. By brains, I mean brain. I only have one, and I still have most of it. First- let me tell you the story, and you can decide for yourself what you think of my brain. Bare in mind, people do radical things in extreme circumstances. Whether you agree with my decisions or not, this account of the Zombie Transformation of Greensboro will be the truth. Try not to judge too harshly, Amile.

It was a Friday night, like any other. Well, like any other First Friday (that was the first Friday of the month, meaning new art shows, more music, more people). Friday nights in Greensboro, were home to many entertainment options before the Transformation started. There were fine establishments all over the small- but growing- city that would host live music, dancing, theater, art, booty shaking, fire charming, burlesque, independent films, roller derby, and more. After the summer of 2013, Friday nights were dead.

I’m sorry, I feel as if I’ve not been entirely clear with you. Do you remember right before the winter of 2012- when the Mayans (and a lot of people on talk radio) predicted that the world would end as we know it? Of course you do. They were actually hording guns and food! I thought it was all a bit silly then, for a while. With all of the elaborate changes that have been made to what we called a calendar back then, how could we really predict where we are in time- relative to how the Mayans viewed time? But what do I know about botany? The point being, I didn’t take much stock in the whole thing, and was glad when things stayed the same. Life went on.

After the whole 2012 scare died out, people kept dancing, saying things like- Those stupid, stupid Mayans. How could we have possibly believed in all that mumbo-jumbo?

Yes, carrying on as if nothing had happened. What reason did we all have to do otherwise? There was no massive, grid after grid, loss of power all over the world. This did not take place. No meteor or asteroid came to smash into the Earth, splattering us like the head of a snowman being hit with a baseball, thrown by a major league pitcher at 99 miles per hour. The machines didn’t come to life and destroy us all. Aliens did not , of course, land here and turn us all into slaves. Human’s ruled on.

Then after about six months, something did happen. Turns out the Mayans were talking about something entirely different. The Earth had been a ticking bomb full of inert gases for millions of years. On December 12th, 2012, some of these gases finally escaped. These gases are what began seeping into the water; seeping into a certain kind of water, from a certain place, that has a certain reaction with a certain man-made substance: plastic.

This particular First Friday was the first time the batch of Toxic Bottled Water (TBW) was brought to downtown Greensboro. By the end of the night, the poisons had already taken effect on sweaty, scantily clad, club goers and rock and rollers.

Turns out, the Mayans were taking about Zombie Transformation.

That’s enough for tonight, Amile. I will write to you tomorrow. I must rest now as tomorrow will, without a doubt, be a tiresome day of travel.

I am always thinking of you.

Warmest Regards,


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