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Roxie with Her Toys

Roxie is the unknown breed (it is assumed that she is corgi and feist) that I adopted on Saturday, 20 August 2011 when she was approximately 15 months old. I had originally looked at one other dog the month before, but the rescue group didn’t think the dog was appropriate for apartment living, even though I promised to give him a lot of exercise. But everything happens for a reason.


I was searching Petfinder and saw so many dogs that looked absolutely adorable. I decided to use Petfinder for several reasons. One, I didn’t want to buy a dog from a pet store that was very expensive and that would increase the need of puppy mills (which I will talk more about another time) when there are plenty of good dogs already out there that need loving homes. Second, the site gives you search options such as size, location, whether or not he/she is house trained, good with kids, and good with other animals. And last, I felt that Petfinder had a lot of good articles about shelters, what to expect when adopting, and a plethora of other valuable information.


After narrowing down the different dogs that I was looking at, I decided to contact the place, Animal Awareness Society, where I could adopt the dog with the huge ears, Roxie. The application basically asked why I was interested in her, my previous experience with animals, my home environment, and for a list of references. It only took a few hours for Animal Awareness Society to contact me with more information about Roxie and come to find out, she was not only house trained but crate trained; she had also been living with a 12 year old boy and spent a lot of time with a cat, exceeding my expectations. After they processed my application, which took a couple days, I finally found out that I would be able to take her home. I was completely ecstatic!


I was so nervous when I went to pick her up because I knew my life would be different but I just didn’t know how. When she first came into my apartment, Roxie didn’t waste any time making herself at home. She jumped on the couch and stretched out. The picture that you see is of our first day together. It has been a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to continue to share my experience with you. I will talk about any and everything concerning my experience with her including the good, the bad, and the ugly… if there is anything that’s ugly… so stay tuned.

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