An Evening of Football at Dudley High

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Since moving to Greensboro I’ve been amazed by the pleasant demeanor of casual acquaintances, the talent found throughout the city, and the number of things one can fry in the name of southern cuisine. But nothing surprises me more than this city’s appetite for sports. Whether it’s high school basketball, college lacrosse, or pro football, we’re there.

And so, in the interest of performing a public service (and getting out of going antiquing with my wife), I’m going to spend my Friday nights and weekends goofing off at every local stadium, college and high school (and maybe even pro, if I can scalp a ticket). We’ll give you the highlights from the ball game and the concession stands. At the end, I’ll even issue a “report card” (note to my high school teachers: What comes around, goes around).

First on our itinerary, Dudley High School

Getting here was easy. All you need to know is that the high school is just off O Henry Parkway. Take the Lee Street exit (also Duke St) and you’re almost there. Make a right onto Lincoln and we’re ready for some football…..until you realize there is no place to park. Just one word of advice. Don’t be the son-of-a-bitch who blocks everybody in because he can’t find a proper parking space. It’s bad karma (and you’ll probably get your car keyed like the guy who blocked us in, not that I would know anything about that).

It was another beautiful evening for football. My wife and I sat in the visiting bleachers, waiting for the game to begin. That buzz that’s in the air…it’s the buzz you get with the first game of football season. I think it’s the anticipation, the promise of another season, the pursuit of excellence. Either that or it’s the moths half-wittedly flying into the huge halogen lamps above the stadium. Ah, the smell of burning moths on a late summer eve….

Speaking of burning, lets touch on the most significant part of any sports related experience, the concession stands. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. The concession stand is generally understood to be an oasis for anyone forced to diet under duress. Simply give your spouse a believable excuse.

Ever wonder what freedom tastes like? Just a simple “Did you see where the bathrooms were on the way in?” and we’re off to the hotdog stand.

I’ve been going to local football games for a couple years now, and the food arrangement at Dudley is superior to most others. Lines are never that long as there are individual vendors for each stadium delicacy, from the deep fried fish sandwiches to the grease soaked (but delicious!) funnel cakes. Everybody is friendly and the atmosphere is terrific. My wife noted that there’s plenty of napkins.
I wish she had gone antiquing.

And the game…The first half was competitive, all around good football. I don’t remember the halftime score. Dudley is playing Northern, I think. I’ll check the scoreboard as soon as I get another funnel cake.

Halftime brought with it a treat of a different kind, the Dudley Marching Band. These guys (and gals)
are awesome! They played at halftime and throughout the game, in a vain but admirable attempt to drown out the opposing team’s signal caller. We might have found this annoying except they were so darn good. Almost as good as a fish sandwich with a gatorade chaser. Damn fine.

The second half was entertaining as well, although I have to admit to not knowing the final score. Hell, I don’t even know who won game. Doesn’t matter. As far as I was concerned, the game was in deep fried, cholesterol overtime.

Final thoughts: The quality of play was mostly good, but there were some early season mistakes by both squads. Will we see either team raise it’s game enough to leave this sleepy southern town behind for greener pastures, namely a state championship? Or will they languish in deep fried obscurity? Who cares, as long as the lines at the concession stands are short.

Here are Dudley’s grades for this semester:

Parking: C-

Food/Concessions: A-

Entertainment: A
(Oh, that marching band!)

If this were a movie it would be: Waitress

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