Foxy Roxie’s Divalicious Birthday Extravaganza

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Roxie Cute Pic

Roxie won Cute Pic of the Day on Thursday May 17, 2012

The Beginning of a Superstar

Roxie turned two on Saturday, May 19th and there was no way she wasn’t going to have a big celebration. It actually got started unexpectedly on that Thursday when I entered her in the #CutePic of the day photo contest. I had to enter by 5pm EST and I got the entry in with little time to spare as I was at WalMart trying to pick up a few things for her birthday party. About twenty minutes later, I get a notification saying she’s the winner! Absolutely amazing – I had entered her in the same contest a few times before but the fact that she won so close to her birthday really made it special.

Office Celebration

On that Friday, we had an office party since Roxie likes to make an appearance every now and then. I picked up a birthday cake from Harris Teeter (also known as the Taj Mateeter around town since it is quite big.) She was dressed to the nines in her cute pink dress with white polka dots, a hint of green, and a beautiful pink bow. Everybody enjoyed her marble cake with pink, purple, and yellow balloons; the bakery misspelled her name, though: it read, “Happy 2nd Birthday Rokie.” But thankfully it wasn’t too big of a deal.

Roxie's Doggie Birthday Cake

Roxie with Her Doggie Birthday Cake

Birthday Preparations

When the big day came, Saturday, May 19th, I was so busy running around, I wasn’t sure that I was going to get everything done in time. I had a few prior commitments earlier that morning but thankfully, everything worked out. I stopped by Maxie B’s at 1pm to pick up her doggie birthday cake and then went to Harris Teeter again to pick up the cake for guests to eat. Somehow, they didn’t realize that I had placed an order for two cakes, one to be picked up on Friday and the other on Saturday so they didn’t have the cake ready. They did make up for the mistake and offered the cake for free and it only took about 20 minutes for them to have the cake ready.

Roxie’s Birthday Bash

At around 4pm the party started. It was small since I didn’t have as much time to plan as I would have liked because it was my last semester in the MBA program. But it was definitely the right amount of people. A friend of mine, Nancy, who has two boxers, came with her husband as well as my friend Lori, who I like to refer to as my dog’s godmother, were in attendance. It was a Minnie Mouse themed party with Minnie Mouse napkins, plates, party favor bags, and a Happy Birthday banner. The cake had the same color scheme. Her gifts even fit the scheme which she opened all by herself! She wore a flower dress with pink trim and bow and with a matching collar that my mother bought. Roxie had an absolutely amazing time with all of the attention she was receiving.

Roxie Birthday Dress

Roxie looks divine in her birthday dress.

We topped the day off with a trip to the Bark Park in Country Park. There were a few other dogs there and since there was some leftover dog birthday cake, we brought it to the park to share. All of the dogs vied for my attention as they wanted another piece. One little dog name Rocky, a chihuahua, was trying to get Roxie’s attention by humping her but she wasn’t having it. I guess no birthday sex for Roxie…just kidding! She was too tired anyways from a day full of excitement.

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