How Many Tricks Can Your Dog Do?

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Roxie's Graduation

Roxie at her intermediate training graduation.

How many people can tell their dog to do something and the dog do it right when asked? Not many people. Although Roxie doesn’t do every single thing that I ask her to do on command, she is pretty darn close thanks to proper training. I take her to Fran Patat who is the head trainer at PetSmart off of Bridford Parkway in Greensboro.

Roxie has been through beginning, intermediate, and now has about two more weeks in the advanced level training. Some of the topics that we cover is training the dog to perform basic commands like sit, stay, lay down, leave it, and come reliably; also how to walk loosely on a leash as well as heel (which Roxie still needs quite a bit of work doing). Although the topics may sound not very exciting, it is actually very important for a dog to know these commands for safety reasons. Fran has also put some fun tricks in there as well such as how to teach the dog to shake and rollover. Now I can’t get Roxie to stop rolling over! Roxie’s repertoire also includes fun tricks like crawl (my favorite), 360, high ten, can I rub your belly?, leave it, take it, and more.

Overall, I am really happy that I have put Roxie through all of her training classes and highly suggest that others do the same. Each level meets one hour for six weeks and then it is up to the owner to go home and work on what is learned before coming to the next class. Roxie really enjoys the classes and it’s a great bonding experience for us. ┬áLife with a properly trained canine is certainly easier than living without!

If you are interested in dog training classes, I suggest you sign up for one today! If you specifically want Fran, stop by the PetSmart on Bridford Parkway or call (336) 218-8188 ext. 4. The classes are $110 for each level (about $18 per class) but I usually use coupons that range from $10 to $20 off. I actually have a couple of coupons that are good at any PetSmart. If you want one, just comment and it’s yours until I don’t have any more.

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