It’s Amazing! A Tale of Travels Part 1

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From Greensboro by Train
“If we don’t have it, you don’t need it”

That was painted on a crumbling brick storefront downtown Villa Rica, Georgia. The paint was washed with decades, if not centuries of warm Georgia rain storms. It was passing that storefront along with the “Los Cowboys” mexican restaurant and the “Villa Rican” something or other, that I realized how glad I am, and why I’m traveling by train. Every field, every house, every dying downtown is America’s heartland, regardless of what the midwest might tell you. America’s heartland is what I am escaping by moving to Hawaii, but I am canvassing it and giving it a solid chance to win me over before I disappear; a chance to sink its hooks in to reel me back later.

The heartland has a lot of work cut out for it. My current memory of my personal heartland, Greensboro, is one of mixed feelings and mixed signals. I could never tell whether someone was a true friend, whether I was just using them, or they were just using me. I couldn’t tell any more than I could stay sober. Hell, I’m still hung over from last night at the Flatiron. Perhaps my booze goggles were the only reason I couldn’t tell the genuine from the needy poser, but I’m guessing my only sober friend, Lil P, would say otherwise.

I realize that mixed feelings and mixed signals are inevitable in any town, but seriously try to imagine a place as generally incestuous as Greensboro. The incest makes for a hell of a music community, but a whole lot of Inuit brothers too. It isn’t necessarily pleasant walking into a bar or party and realizing you’ve dated three, hooked up with four, and accidentally went home with two other people in a thirty person crowd. That’s just shy of a third. A THIRD! [just passed a piggly wiggly! haven’t seen one of those in a while] A third is not the percentage of my peers I want to have known biblically. Reputation aside, I’m not a very forward person. There is no good reason anyone in any place should have those fucking odds. Regardless, there’s a love and attachment that was immensely hard to break away from, but will ultimately be very hard to return to.

As I wander and lust across the country, fly to Hawaii, and go where ever else this journey to find that elusive something more takes me, I want to take you along. Take comfort in the fact that you can stop the ride whenever you like. I know I do. But more so, take comfort in the fact that I’m not going to stop until I find whatever the hell I’m looking for.

Mat Masterson spent an eye blink of five years in Greensboro playing in a number of bands, most notably Israel Darling, Friend House, and The Painted Skulls. On any given night you could find him at a number of local dives sippin’ cheap beer and bourbon, and mingling with the regulars. He grew anxious for the road, and is now traveling the country by train, stopping in a number of cities of cultural importance (New Orleans, Memphis, San Francisco, etc.) on his way to the tropical paradise of Hawaii. Nevertheless, he has vowed to one day return to Greensboro… with a vengeance!

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4 Comments to “It’s Amazing! A Tale of Travels Part 1”

  1. Nathan Lieber says:

    "Incest is what makes good music."

    -Mat Masterson

  2. vanessa says:

    I can't explain how happy this makes me…

    I felt the same way when I left FL to come to NC

    so glad we met n we stayed friends

    Adios Mat!

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