Northern beats Wilson Hunt, I get to eat again

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Northern continued it’s quest to rule the North Carolina High School football landscape for one more year on Friday night when they squared off against Wilson Hunt.  This was one to remember. Not for the X’s and O’s, the spirited crowd or heroics of a the players involved. Nope. None of that “thrill of victory and agony of defeat” crap today. OK. Maybe a little.

But this wasn’t about football. It wasn’t even about food. It was about history.

We made the 3 and a half hour drive to Wilson and I was famished. I hadn’t had dinner and it was 7pm, 30 min before game time when we arrived at the Wilson Hunt high school stadium.  I hate surprises and I have no idea what they call food in these parts.

Surprise #1: Metal detectors
What is this all about? Then I was told they’re just checking us for weapons. I thought I’d left New Jersey years ago.

I rather like metal detectors now.

Surprise #2: The Concession Stand
I had to eat. NOW. so I made a beeline for the food stand. Called the Mojo Grill (my, isn’t that fancy) I was immediately skeptical. The fellow who was serving up the grub was incredibly friendly, striking up conversation about last year’s game between these same two teams. Most importantly, he shared a little secret. “The smoke stand in the end zone has the best sausage you’ll find….anywhere”. Yeah, right. I’ve heard that before.

Surprise #3: He was right
Midway through the game (all right. I admit, the game hadn’t actually started yet) I couldn’t contain myself. Like a defensive lineman who had miraculously caught his first ever interception, I rumbled toward the end zone. When I eventually made my way to the promised land, would it meet my expectations? Would it be the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat?

Surprise #4: It was awesome
With fried onions and a unique tangy, peppery flavor beyond compare, I spike the sub-par nachos I’d purchased earlier and did a sausage dance in the end zone.

Who would have ever expected such a culinary delicacy in Wilson of all places? Well, apparently me. You see, my father was renowned for seeking out the best of foods anywhere in the country, sometimes outside of the US. After all, he was a grocer’s son. Before his passing it was not unusual for him to travel to the back woods of Pennsylvania for the best Shoo-fly pie on the planet or to Chile, South America for Cherimoya, his favorite fruit. And he would invite us over to partake in whatever exotic treat he had discovered.

I was speaking with my mother the next day, raving about the sausage I’d had. Then she told me. Every couple of years my father would make the 8 hour trip to Wilson for the best barbecue on the planet. She didn’t remember the place by name. Only “That damn barbecue place”.

Seems Wilson has a way with food. And a history with the Rossi’s.

Oh, that’s right. The game….
Final Score:
No. Guildford 29
Wilson Hunt 13

On Friday Northern will play in Chapel Hill for the NC state championship. I’ll be at the concession stand. See you there.

Here are Wilson’s grades for this semester:

Parking: A

Food/Concessions: AA+

Entertainment: A- (the Hunt student section was awesome and the people are friendly. Top notch!)

If this were a movie it would be: Diner

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