Northern vs W. Allamance and Why Some Species Eat Their Young

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This time of year when the weather gets cold, I often think of the gridiron gladiators of yesteryear. You know, the guys from the old NFL films who played through pain, cold, and inclement conditions that would make Eric the Red turn blue. I can still see Bud Grant leading his Vikings, Alan Page, Carl Eller, and the “Purple People Eaters” out of the snow covered end zone tunnel in sub zero temperatures, every breathe visible as a puff of white smoke.

Steve Sabol, the voice of NFL films, once said “One of the tenets of football, its essence, is triumphing over adversity. That can be your opponent, your shortcomings or it can be the weather.”

…which is why I decided to show up in the third quarter. Hey, I’m a transplanted northerner. I did my penance.

By the time I got to Northern High School’s home field it was already 35-6. Ordinarily this would be considered a snooze fest but when one cannot feel one’s own toes, it’s really hard to nod off.

Desperate for warmth, I headed to the concessions stand. Alright, I admit it. You’d find me there anyway. But in this event, I was looking for anything to relieve myself from the cold temperatures, hot chocolate, coffee, whatever. Much to my dismay, they’d run out of everything. Except ice cream. I think I’m in freeze-dried Hell.

Now I’m getting really annoyed. It’s 42-6, there’s no food and I’m cold. If I can only find a dead northerner to cut open and stick my hands into……

These are the times when, as a parent of a player, band member, or cheerleader, you regret having spent countless unselfish hours bringing your child to and from practice, twisting and turning your schedule every which way to suit your kid’s interests and needs.

Bob Knight, former University of Indiana basketball coach had it figured out. When asked about his son’s activities at the University of Indiana, he responded (I paraphrase, of course): “He’s a living example of why some species eat their young”.

I’m cold and hungry. At this moment that doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

Final Score:
No. Guildford 49
W Alamance 13

Here are Northern’s grades for this semester:

Parking: A-

Food/Concessions: None

Entertainment: D (almost as exciting as ice fishing)

If this were a movie it would be: Grumpy Old Men or The Big Chill

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