Northern wins 3-A Championship: Great Game, Bad Puns

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Okay. time for me to fess up. I watched Northern play Page in early October. To say that I was underwhelmed by Northern would be kind.  This Past Friday the Northern Nighthawks pasted Crest High School to take the 3-A North Carolina High School championship. And they did it with
surprising ease.

Let it sink in…if you haven’t caught the bad pun by now then go back to reading Family Circus.

A fan nearby pointed out that Rhaheim Ledbetter, Crest’s star running back, sustained an injury toward the end of the second quarter. His presence (or lack thereof) is not to be underestimated as he’ll be taking this talents to the University of  Florida next year, probably as a defensive back. He returned in the second half albeit at less than 100%. Still, the bottom line is that the 11 guys in purple played better than the 11 wearing green.

By the end of the third quarter this game was essentially over. For the Crest players, finishing the final quarter had to be about as pleasant as a root canal.

If you didn’t catch that pun then it’s time to turn in your “I walk erect” membership ring decoder.

Of special note: Northern’s Daniel Downing took the honors as Offensive Player of the Game and TJ Logan walked away with the championship game’s MVP award.

Final Score:
No. Guildford 31
Crest 7

Here are this semester’s grades for Keenan Memorial stadium:

Parking: C

Food/Concessions: C

Entertainment: A (it was tremendous fun watching the kids celebrate on UNC turf)

If this were a movie it would be: I’m at a loss here. If any of the players got drunk and lost their wives or career during the post game celebration we could go with Everybody’s All American. There was a guy in the crowd who kinda looked like Dennis Quaid so let’s go with that.

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