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Mattbacca and Will Solo

Mattbacca and Will Solo

Matt Williams is a Greensboro native and film maker.  I was lucky enough to interview him after he returned from this years Emmy Awards.


What is Neurosisnine and how did it get started?

Neurosisnine Films is a small company that Will Milosky and I started back in 2003 or 2004.  It actually started very simply… I had one title in mind, and Will had made a screen name that was NeurosisTen or NeurosisNine, or something, and we decided to go from there.

What are some of your favorite projects you’ve worked on?

Most of the sketches we have done have been my favorite things to have worked on.  I honestly believe that my favorite though may have been either Co-Ed Secrets or Whiskey and Chocolate. I think a favorite will always have to be something that I worked on and thoroughly just enjoyed myself.

How did you get a chance to attend the Emmys?

A friend that I had worked with on a few potential projects in the past was able to help me out in that department.  And it landed on my birthday this year, making it ten times cooler.

Did you have fun while there?

God yes.

How was it to hang out with Mike and Grady for an extended period of time?  Did they get on your nerves?  Did you guys get into any trouble?

It was interesting.  I think the part that really helped was that it was part business trip, part vacation.  So we were all consistently running around and doing things.  Honestly they didn’t really get on my nerves at all, the only thing that ever annoyed me was looking at the clock and wondering how I could have possibly just stayed up till 5 am drinking with these guys.  And as far as trouble goes?  None, we are crystal.

Did you meet any celebrities?  If so, were they nice or kind of a dick?

All the celebrities I met were nice, to be truthful.  Michael C. Hall was a little standoffish, but to be fair, I did interrupt him having a convo to say hey, and then complimented him on Six Feet Under being an awesome show that I grew up with… I don’t think I even mentioned Dexter.  Otherwise, John Hamm was awesome, Paul Giamatti.  They all seemed like normal people, actually.

What were some highlights of the Emmys?
Highlights for me?  Being there with friends, and limo rides… the governors ball, seeing Peter Dinklage on stage (I’ve loved that dude forever.)  Overall, just the idea of being closer to the industry/industries that I one day will have a foot in.
What were some of your favorite shows of the past year?
Definitely Modern Family!  They deserved every award they got. Otherwise, 30 Rock and Community.
Do you or Neurosisnine have any projects coming up?

Actually, yeah.  Will and I have sort of taken a hiatus this year and not a lot has been filmed.  The economy sucks, etc.  We plan on coming back strong in 2012.  We worked on writing a short film together that is a murder comedy to be filmed in January, and it marks the VERY first time that Neurosisnine Films has decided to team up with someone else.  So, Stumblemuse* will be producing alongside us.  Otherwise, we have a lot of sketches that are being written.  I want 2012 to be the year Neurosisnine really kicks things off.

If you want to check out more of Matt’s unique sense of humor, check out the official website for Neurosisnine.


*Author’s Note: Stumblemuse, headed up by Evan Wade, has also worked closely/collaborated with Jaysen Buterin of Mad Ones Films who I also had the pleasure of interviewing.

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