A New York Night

Jun 23rd, 2015 | By | Category: News


This Friday was all about New York. The plan was to go to my friend Avalon’s going away party at 7 (she’s moving to NY) and then attend Jonah Parzen-Johnson’s show at New York Pizza around 10 pm. Jonah is the baritone saxophonist from Brooklyn I interviewed awhile back. I even borrowed my mom’s phone for the occasion since it takes much better pictures than my antique monstrosity. She promised me an end so gruesome that it would make death seem like a stroll in a park should I lose or break the device. Plans change.

It was around 6 or 6:30 when the skies opened up and a storm not seen since the time of Noah was unleashed upon Greensboro. Luckily, I was dry and warm inside New York Pizza during the torrential downpour but I thought Avalon’s little party would be cancelled. I was wrong.


I stumbled over to Avalon’s after a quick pit stop at College Hill for a quick picker-upper and found a small gaggle of kids armed with water pistols, water balloons, and PBR. I hung out there until about 9:30 for the show.

A band was setting up when I arrived. Jonah was helping them and I said hello. The band performed trippy instrumental music while the film Altered States played on a screen in the background. The music and film blended well and it weird in the best ways possible.

Jonah was up after the band finished. I was already impressed with Jonah just from what I heard from the music he has online, which you can find here, but I was unprepared for the musical onslaught laid upon NYP that night. Jonah’s performance commanded everyone’s attention. His combination of saxophone and analogue synthesizer was a sound so unique I don’t think I could forget it even if I tried. Durham and Asheville are the next spots on his tour and they will be lucky to have him.

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