CFBG: Fake Mustache, The Raving Knaves, and The Old One-Two

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The Raving Knaves at CFBG 11-11-11

The Raving Knaves at CFBG 11-11-11

One of the cool things about Greensboro is the music scene. It is diverse and expansive, covering many genres. You can catch a good show nearly every weekend. This weekend was no exception, featuring a show at CFBG. Fake Mustache, The Raving Knaves, and The Old One-Two brought the weekend in with their upbeat songs.

Though the posted start time was 9 PM, Fake Moustache didn’t begin until around 9:50. This is expected, however, and went over fine with the crowd. Fake Mustache, like the two other bands, are a Greensboro-native band. Their instrumental music draws influences from both garage rock and punk. This two piece act consists of Lorenzo Hall (from Switchblade 85 and, formerly, Cold Tony) and Matt Ledbetter (who has also played for Friend House). Drums and a bass are used, and the members alternate between the two instruments. Their set was short, sweet, and easy to get into.

By 10:30, The Raving Knaves had begun their set. The Knaves is a threesome fronted by Dave McLean on guitar, Dan Bayer on bass, and Adrian Foltz on drums. The three take turns singing for this energetic band with a classic punk rock sound. Their music was well received by the crowd, who danced along. They played a 10 song set, featuring loud, fast songs like ‘Pho Hien Vuong’ and ‘1975 (Joey Ramone).’ They have recently released a new album titled ‘Atom Age,’ which includes those songs.

The Old One-Two at CFBGs 11-11-11

The Old One-Two at CFBGs 11-11-11

The Old One-Two were the last band to take the stage. Their sound is pure rock n roll, with intricate guitar riffs and driving drums. The combination of vocalist Hawke Kelly, guitarist Nathan Myers, and drummer Chadd Myers creates a lo-fi sound without bass. During their set, Kelley alternated between walking near the crowd and perching in a chair. His microphone (which looked like an airplane mic) was distorted to create a unique effect on his voice. Their set was personally my favorite, perhaps due to the fact that I have lately been on a Them and White Stripes binge. The Old One-Two’s sound was very blues-y rock, much like those bands.

This was the first show I’ve been to at CFBG in a while, and it was definitely an enjoyable one. A dose of live rock and punk was just what I needed after weeks of listening to The Replacements and The Velvet Underground (as well as the aforementioned bands). Thank you, Greensboro, for another great night of music.

Fake Mustache

The Raving Knaves

The Old One-Two




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  1. Keith Warther says:

    I've never seen Fake Mustache, but thanks for the heads up. I've seen both Friend House and Switchblade 85, so I can imagine it's a pretty good set. Good article Avalon.

  2. Julie Joyce says:

    I haven't seen any of these bands..I am seriously missing out! (now going to listen to the Replacements whom your father turned me onto!!) Awesome article!

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