Divided We Stand, United With Power

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Occupy Greensboro March 10/15/2011People are standing up all over the world.  We are not satisfied.  We have a commonality in that.


Other commonalities?  Well, a lot of us would like to see world peace, we all like food, we want to be loved, and a lot of us would like to be able to go see a doctor.  Fair taxes would be a good thing for everyone, but we can’t agree on what that would be.  The six or so candidates for the Republican nominee for president can’t even agree on that- or much else.  On a show like Conan O’Brien’s, questions like “Who’s sad to see the McRib go?” and “Who’s glad they will stop selling the McRib?” were answered with almost the exact same amount of applause.
Here in this country, how united are we?  The President stated that troops will be out of Iraq by the end of the year.  A lot of people are happy.  A lot of people think that the administration failed.  This was agreed upon back in 2008 or 2009, while Bush was president- the wheels were already set in motion for this date, but we still don’t see eye to eye on this. So what?  Do we have to agree on everything?  Obviously not.  That’s NEVER gonna happen.  I think the McRib is gross, but I’m not going to stop talking to my friends if they eat thirteen a day.  I don’t have to agree with everything, and neither do you.
What I do feel is important are the things we DO agree on.  What we do have in common.  If  my friends who want to eat thirteen McRibs also hate old people, or enjoy seeing people having a hard time, we probably wouldn’t be friends in the first place.  We have other things, other values, in common that draw us together.

A group of us from Occupy Greensboro went to High Point to the Utility Commission’s public hearing in regards to Duke Energy‘s proposed rate increase of 18.6 percent, during the biggest recession of our lifetimes.  We spoke on behalf of all of us working class heroes who would really be negatively affected by such a hike.  It was extremely moving, and one of the most powerful things I have been a part of since the Occupy Movement began.  There we were, black, white, old, young, loud and quiet – all speaking our minds to the only people who have the power to stop this from affecting all of us.

We were united.  We had a commonality.  We agreed, and it was amazing.  I propose we stop focusing on how different we feel about certain things and get to the meat of the McRib, where we are united.  We have the power.
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  1. matty sheets says:

    this is a bit late, but the rate increase was passed at 7%. They are appealing the increase with the Supreme Court. More info here:

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