Google Places Reviews – The Greensboro Guessing Game

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Google Places Reviews for GreensboroHow well do you know this town? Are you sure about that? The excerpts below were taken from 10 different Google Places reviews from Greensboro businesses, selected somewhat by epic-ness.

There are two ways to play: read the excerpt and then try to match it to one of the local businesses listed below. Or, for those of you with short attention spans (that are still reading, eh?) click on (Answer) beside each excerpt for instant answers.

  1. “We came here during tattoo con. We weren’t dressed the part but we weren’t homeless looking.. ” (Answer)
  2. “The last time I was there I couldn’t get in because I was just wearing a V-neck (Paul Smith) but the douche behind me with the Guy Harvey shirt got in. That’s all you need to know about their standards.”  (AnswerSide note: What does this even mean?
  3. “My father in law gasped at the size of the biscuit! My Mom loves the Mexican eggs and I have dreams about their pancakes. (Answer)
  4. “Oh my god, I think I actually saw a ghost at -WITHELD- last time I shopped there! I walked into the women’s dressing room by accident and while I waited until the coast was clear to sneak out of the stall I felt a cold presence creep up my spine and heard a noise that can only be described as not of this world. I have a scratch mark on my foot I can’t explain. Great deals on men’s dress socks 2 stars. ” (Answer)
  5. “Its awful an get ur concealed weapons license before u go there…” (Answer)
  6. “My BOYZ!!!! Hey I just have to say that anybody who hates on -WITHELD- is either (a) just a hater (b) a member of the darkside Sith or (c) covert espionage agents from other scooter stores in the area.” (Answer)
  7. “It sucks balls. And people are idiots.” (Answer)
  8. “Very strict policies regarding beverages and food; I’m surprised nursing breasts are allowed! Ticket prices reasonable; food and beverage on the high side. Bags examined for contraband (like a Snicker’s Bar).” (Answer)
  9. “-WITHELD- is my favorite place to have a cold beer and go from relaxing after work to a raging drunk walk home. Definitely a dive bar, but not the kind where you might get stabbed.  (Answer)
  10. “The place itself is pretty sketch, but it doesn’t carry over into the food.” (Answer)
  11. “… suggested this place because they had really good wings..well I beg to differ..they have EXTRODINARY DELICIOUS WINGS.” (Answer)
  12. ” Like A Turkish Bazar Flea Market. Owner IS Friendly Chap.” (Answer)


Businesses to Match!

a) Scooternerds

b) New York Pizza (NYP)

c) Nico’s Restaurant

d) Newbridge Bank Park (Grasshopper Stadium)

e) Grimsley High School

f) Greene Street Club

g) Smith Street Diner


i) Manhattan Pizza and Subs

j) Westerwood Tavern

k) Greensboro Inn

l) Target at Lawndale Shopping Center


Honorable mention: Rock92, for the strangest profile photo.

Parting note: it’s time. It’s time for someone to write a review for the Guilford County Jail. Pretty please? More than anything, I would just like to know that someone has paused to reflect on how to rate the ‘Service’ and ‘Atmosphere’ on a five-star scale.

Answers:   1. C   2. F   3. G   4. L   5. K   6. A   7. E   8. D   9. J   10. B   11. I   12. H

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  1. matty sheets says:

    the jail, huh? I may know someone…

  2. k says:

    I'm not sure the "answer" to #3 is correct. Although I've ever actually stayed there, I don't think the Greensboro Inn has biscuits or pancakes.? Maybe I'm wrong.

  3. Rae Alton says:

    Hey, k! Good catch. doesn't believe us (or perhaps has something against delicious biscuits?) Thanks for looking out.

  4. This was a good Friday laugh! Thanks!

  5. Rae Alton says:

    Thanks for reading, Aden. Glad to bring a smile on such a dreary day!

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