GPAC Charrette – What’s Your 2 Cents?

Oct 2nd, 2012 | By | Category: News
GPAC locations

Proposed GPAC locations. Click to enlarge.

Even though it won’t help the city pay for the controversial $60mil Greensboro Performing Arts Center, the GPAC task force wants Greensboro’s 2¢ about the proposed venue.  It is hosting a charrette – sort of like a forum for the community to get together and talk about construction and architecture projects.

There have already been quite a few opinions stated about the GPAC, but most of them focus on the why’s, not the how’s, regarding the question of the PAC. When it comes to those how’s, however, the task force wants your opinion on a very finite set of questions. This may or may not sit well with Greensboro residents, many of whom feel the task force already has a bias in favor of the PAC.

“Which of our ideas do you like best?” – this seems to be the extent of the scope of possible public input. After all, the point of the task force isn’t to be surveyors, but an informed council to recommend the best actions possible to the city council, and they’ve probably done a lot more research than anyone else has time for. This is the way it has to be and will be, albeit seemingly backward.

As of yet, the council has not yet decided that the PAC will actually be built.

If you’d like to be a part of the charrette? Public input sessions are scheduled to take place in the Elm Street Center lobby (map) in downtown Greensboro.

  • October 16 (Tue.) 6:00pm – 9:00pm – public input session
  • October 17 (Wed.) 4:00pm – 6:00pm – public review of previous session
  • October 18 (Thu.) time not given – task force to present recommendations of concept & location

We’d love to hear your comments, too! Which concepts and locations do you tend to favor or have concerns about?

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One Comment to “GPAC Charrette – What’s Your 2 Cents?”

  1. Billy Jones says:

    I attended the first 2 public GPAC meetings and what I found was a very carefully controlled environment designed to get out their message and their message only. The entire process has been filled with lies, cover-ups and dirt and I've seen nothing to indicate the Charrettes will be anything different.

    Then there's Dabney Sanders whose husband Walker is in charge

    And finally, while I began my campaign to put GPAC in Northeast Greensboro as a means to highlight how Greensboro fails its many neighborhoods and not really because I want to live next door to a PAC (I don't) I was often told that northeast was too dangerous for rich white 1% people only to discover that the 3 locations chosen are all 3 in the most dangerous neighborhood in Greensboro

    Go figure…

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