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@kateiformayor: yes we chan

Have you heard? @KateiForMayor!!!

The slogan-turned-twitter page has been popping up on social networks and shouted at shows all over Greensboro in 2012.

A product of spit-fire facebookin’, Sheets-style wisdom, and Obama-inspired art, @KateiForMayor began in January as a response to the wide-spread altercation  between an opinionated green-haired girl and a wizardly fellow on Tate Street; the first “katei for mayor” rang through the crowd at an awesome Leeves / Big Attack / Nondenoms show at Mother Tucker’s the following night.

@KateiForMayor consists of Katei Cranford, a pint-size pistol who refers to herself in third-person and/or as a bizarro “Leslie Knope” (on her best days.) She’s joined by Avant Blockhead Matty Sheets, Philadelphia-expat Russell Golden, and a few squids and squirrels on a righteous quest to spread awesomeness throughout Greensboro by showcasing the wonderful and punishing the wicked.

Actually, the quest isn’t really so nefarious. Greensboro is at a crossroads, and @KateiForMayor aims to help steer us toward the best direction. One which”

…goes away from the likes of the Province

…steers more toward a South Elm Creative District

…rises higher on the sound meter

…embraces the AvantgardeGreensboro

….and allows our molten current of talent and creativity to flow freely and unabridged.

Are you actually going to run for mayor? Of Tate Street or Greensboro?“-@YesWeekly

Katei can honestly say that she has no idea what will unfold in the next two years, but a move to be mayor is unlikely as her current funds barely cover student loan repayment…

Leslie Waffles via Vulture

…although she’d probably say differently after a pot of coffee, hot stack of waffles, and four hours of Parks and Recreation.

So, what then?

The @KateiForMayor “campaign”  aims to energize and enlighten folks to local issues and the wonders of our fair city.

Greensboro is stirring; it’s an exciting time to be here [NEVER thought I’d say that; 7th grade me would be so ashamed.] We want our hands in that pot to help craft some #GSO deliciousness and serve the good word about the awesome people, places, and events which transpire in our little neck of the Triad.

Any Chef knows to keep an eye on their kettle, and Greensboro issues should tended to likewise.  There are leaders who shape our city to better their portfolios rather than enhance the life on our streets. Although, focus should  shine on all the good Greensborian activity, short-sighted leadership is a massive problem which constantly threatens the culture, livelihood, and sustainability of that which makes Greensboro great.

Although far from perfect, Greensboro has more heart, personality, and diversity than can be found almost anywhere. However, the extreme “factioning” within our city divides forces and stifles that diversity to instead promote honest (but harmful) ignorance to the unfamiliar–hence our reputation as “Greensboring”.  @KateiForMayor hopes to help unite these factions, eliminate the ignorance, and alleviate the unnecessary ego-based bickering which pervades otherwise complimentary organizations and instills unnecessary competitive practices which greatly inhibits the growth and enrichment of Greensboro. We can get along, and we’ll thrive when it happens.

@KateiForMayor aims to help us embrace the virtues which accompany the seven colleges within our limits and the more than 123 languages spoken in our public schools. College Hill should have a voice on Council, although much love and respect is bestowed upon the residents of Irving Park,  sharing District 3 squelches the vastly different needs and interests of college-ville residents. Current representative, Zack Matheny fails to convey interest in the creative dynamic of 27403, and therefore seemingly lacks the understanding necessary to represent the area. [But that could be the coffee in my cup and Ron Swanson in my ear.]

Either way, @KateiForMayor wants to fire-up the grille and invite everyone to help (and watch) our city sizzle

So, in summation: Katei Cranford has no practical intentions of running for mayor. BUT do keep an eye on that kettle, wouldn’t want everything to boil-over unnoticed.

Yes we can't not. Knope.

Yes we can't not.

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4 Comments to “Mayoral Musings: @KateiforMayor”

  1. GSO BOY says:

    What does "showcasing the wonderful and punishing the wicked entail?"

  2. "…although she’d probably say differently after a pot of coffee, waffle dinner, and 4 hours of Parks and Recreation."

    Say "yes." #kateiformayor #GSO

  3. @KateiForMayor. Cool!!! I'm happy to see GSO's "youth" GETTING POLITICAL. (“youth”, defined as, anyone with a college loan strapped to their ass, or a minimum wage trying to make ends meet) Although, I'm sad it had to come to this level of need before motivation kicked in. The fragmented "Hill People" are good people and the good people must take part in whichever or whatever political group they personally feel most comfortable in, AND THEN DO SOMETING!

    It doesn't matter if you're doing it alone. You'll be doing it within the confines of your support group. They are going to support you, because you'll be doing it for them and inasmuch for every one of us, "the 99%".

    Voice yourself, Volunteer, Parade your activism, Help somebody and prepare to ORGANIZE!

    If there is one fear the 1% have, it is that we become ORGANIZED. Oh how they fear that! Fragments moving in the same direction become a force of nature. And we all know you can't "f" with Mother Nature.

    Do your own good thing, with your own good people. You're going to meet more along the way. Feel good about not knowing what to do with them when you meet. They’ll feel the same way as you. BUT SHOW YOUR SUPPORT…sign their petition, join their group, attend their function. YEAH, you're gonna have to get off your bar stool for a while, but I bet you'll find one close by where you're headed, AFTER YOU'RE DONE DOING SOMETHING.

    Look the Republicans are pushing for an all out fight (maybe even a civil war) and the Democrats are selling us out at every turn…We are on our own.

    When the opportunity presents itself, make sure you've got what it takes to stand up, (lets hope that will need only be in the polls) THE NATURAL ORGANIZATION WILL EVOLVE, and the fragments will be one. Winning is always easier when ranks are closed and the fighting takes place shoulder to shoulder.

    I, we, don't advocate violence. I, we, advocate peace. But, I'm not blind, and I'm glad the "Hill People" are taking off the rose colored glasses.

    Passages from another old Hippie to you.

  4. Mike says:

    I'll take Katei for mayor any day of the week over #slimeball Robbie Perkins…It's time for some fresh thinking…

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