The Flatiron: Diego Hillbillies, The Painted Skulls, and Emily Stewart and the Baby Teeth

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The Flatiron is a downtown dive bar on Summit Avenue. The atmosphere is inviting and welcoming, much like the regulars. On Tuesdays, it is home to an open mic night hosted by Matty Sheets, a bartender at the Flatiron and fellow

Photo by Chris Lubinski

Avant Greensboro writer. On weekends, you can catch a set by a local band at the bar. This past Saturday, I got the chance to hear Emily Stewart and the Baby Teeth, The Painted Skulls, and the Diego Hillbillies showcase their folky songs at the Flatiron.

My friend Cynthia and I arrived at the bar around 10 pm. Looking around, we saw that the Diego Hillbillies had already begun their set. We also noticed Emily Stewart reading tarot cards. Cynthia insisted on having her cards read. It was interesting to see Emily (who I generally see on a stage) in such a different environment.

After having Cynthia’s cards read, we found seats at the bar and listened to the Diego Hillbillies. They had a very twangy, bluegrass sound and played both originals and familiar covers. The four band members used traditional folk instruments such as banjo, guitar, and fiddle.

After the Diego Hillbillies, the Painted Skulls were up. The band is comprised of Jessica ‘Lil P’ Pennell (who also plays accordion in Matty Sheets and the Blockheads) on vocals, guitar, and uke; Georgianna Harris on vocals and guitar; Mikey

Photo by Chris Lubinski

Roohan on bass; and Mat Masterson (of Friend House) on drums. Each band member brings their own influences to the table. Their sound is pretty and folky, and their set featured songs like ‘Hotel 31’ and ‘El Grande’ (Mikey introduced this by

saying it was ‘about Starbucks’ – it’s actually about wanting a ‘big, black man’).  They closed their set around midnight with ‘Voodoo Song,’ a catchy song with a chorus of vocables.

Emily Stewart and the Baby Teeth were onstage by 12:15. Emily Stewart also plays in The Blockheads with Lil P. The Baby Teeth have a very country sound, and went well with the Painted Skulls and the Diego Hillbillies before them. The crowd enjoyed them a lot, dancing in the space in front of the stage. Their sweet sound was a perfect end to the night.

All three bands were wonderful and I recommend checking them out. The Flatiron is a great venue, and catching an open mic or live band is always a good choice. These people and bands make me proud to  be from Greensboro.

Emily Stewart and the Baby Teeth

The Painted Skulls

The Diego Hillbillies

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