This weekend at CFBG’s!

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Hope For Agoldensummer

Some people may remember Hope For Agoldensummer from last October’s CoHill Fest (in the neighborhood of College Hill, of course) along with their countless other Greensboro shows. The band is comprised of two sisters – Paige and Claire Campbell – who make beautiful, folky tunes. The girls harmonize together to make angelic, almost ethereal sounds accompanied by intricate guitar plucking. They cite their influences on Facebook as “dragging out of bed in the morning, jumping rope, trees and fences” along with musicians like Chuck Berry and John Cale. Their new album, “Life Inside The Body,” is to be released this upcoming Tuesday, May 1.

Greensboro music fans should all know Crystal Bright & The Silver Hands, a band who have been playing shows for a few years. Their whimsical, carnival-esque music brings a smile to people of all ages, utilizing an array of instruments from guitar to the musical saw. There is almost a spooky sound to their music, but in a great way.

Both of these bands will be awing crowds, leaving them speechless, tomorrow (Friday, April 27) at CFBG’s – a show worthy of checking out. The show starts at 9 and there’s a $5 door fee – well worth the cost.

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  1. Crystal says:

    Thanks for the write up. I've only been playing 2 years, though! Still new to the scene. 😉

  2. Thanks Avant Greensboro! It's gonna be a great show tonight!

    PS: checkout a listing of articles (many by Avant Gboro) about events at CFBG on our website!


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